With the exhaustion of IANA's IPv4 pool, that happened on February/2011 (see this FAQ's comment on RIPE.net), the deployment of IPv6 is now imperative. In order to both understand and handle that immense address space, however, we need some helpers, and that is exactly what this little utility provides.

Unlike the majority of similar utilities, that are accessible only online and only through some Web interface, this tool have just a CLI interface, that is available all time because it runs locally on whatever hardware you prefer.

To make things a little more easy, the outcome of this tool is formated to allow being confortably read on a 80x24 terminal because being online, with an available GUI or even a bare bones text brower is, sometimes, a luxury we just dont have.

ipvi <prefix>

ipvi <prefix>/<length>

# 1

ipvi 2001:db8:1234:5678:90ab::cdef:1/49


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