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  • and where the files? then housed why? to advertise? for link?

  • Great drawing editor, thanks a lot!

  • Using ipe-7.1.7, I cannot snap a text object when I turn on "Snap to vertex". Is there another way that I can snap a text object? Thanks in advance.

  • Awesome editor with LaTeX support

  • I've been using Ipe for as long as I've been using Latex (since 2007). Best way to have your figures beautifully harmonized with your article or book written in Latex. The program have enough tools for you to make any figure that may be needed for scientific purpose.

  • Although the interface can be a bit confusing first, once you get the hang of it, the program works very well. The LaTeX integration is superb. I use Ipe for all of my drawings to be included in LaTeX files, and it is very easy to have the same font in your document and figures (just copy the preamble of your document into Ipe).

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  • I have been using IPE since version 6. The author has improved it over time, and it produces top quality, low disk size EPS, PDF of accurate images (using snap functions), containing mathematical formulas typeset in Latex. Rarely I also use PDFtoIPE (go to downloads) to edit a PDF image that was not created by IPE. Thank you Otfried.

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  • very buggy, hard to use and out of date

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Thank you for IPE 7.1.4 for windows. It is a great vector drawing program for latex users and not only. For example I use it for drawing the net of many poyhedra for my students to build with cardboard. The drawings are easy, fast to do and very accurate. The result are always perfect! Best regards. (aplogize for bad english)

  • Excellent software for crafting scientific diagrams. The snapping tools, LaTeX input, and "ipelet" extensions provide capabilities far superior to MS Office drawing tools, for example. The project is cross-platform and actively maintained. The developer is responsive to bug reports and feature requests. As a college science professor, I have recommended this tool to faculty and students, as my top choice for drawing scientific diagrams.

  • Is there a 7.1.x version for the Windows binary??

  • Good and useful software

  • Please, create screenshots of your program.

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • thank you ipe7

  • Great enhancement to a great setup script compiler

  • ipe7 is fast and easy to use

  • Love this app.

  • Very good O.S. Software.

  • Fantastic project.

  • I use this everywhere!

  • Simply and powerfull!

  • The best program!

  • Useful tool. Thanks :)

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