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inkscape-table 1.0 Table support for inkscape Author: Cosmin Popescu [] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Change log: -------------------------- 1.0: - Implemented new table pargins engine - Corrected the bug reported by Alexandre Prokoudine ( About: -------------------------- This is a free program. You can use it, distribute it, modify it, do what ever you want with it. Any suggestions, reclamations, bug reports or any other ideas that you may have, please send them at This extension is tested only on Ubuntu 11.04, but normally should work on any platform on which Inkscape works. Being written in Python, there shouldn't be any problem with it. Features: -------------------------- - add rows, columns or guides around each cell - duplicate an existing table - edit the columns width, the rows height or the table width and height - fit an existing table to width of the page, height of the page, full page or to four guides - merge cells - split previous merged cells - remove rows or columns Important: -------------------------- In order to edit the cells text, after creating a table, select the cells that should have text and from the menu select Extensions -> Table -> Edit -> Selected cells text. Setting the short cuts: -------------------------- Edit the keys.xml file and set your shortcuts Installation instructions: -------------------------- In a command line, do the following: ------------------------------------------------------------ foo$ tar -xvf inkscape-tables-0.99.tar.gz foo$ cd inkscape-tables-0.99 foo/babl-0.1.5$ sudo ./install ------------------------------------------------------------ Basically, what this does is copying all the .inx and .py files from the modules folder in the inkscape extensions directory, then add in the keys/default.xml file the content of the ./keys.xml file. Then, just restart the inkscape. You should have the Table sub-menu in the Extensions menu. If, for any reasons, the install will fail, you can do all this manually. Copy the .inx and .py files from the modules folder inside the inkscape extensions directory, then edit the keys/defaults.xml (on Ubuntu this folder is located in /usr/share/inkscape folder) and add the content of the keys.xml folder. That's it. Restart the inkscape and you're done. How to use it: -------------------------- After installing it, first you need to create a new table. After creating the table, any modifications you want to make on the table, do it through the extension. The only modification that you can make not through the table features is removing a text from a cell. For example, if you need to delete a row, do not select the cells and delete them from with the inscake tools. Instead, select the row and then choose remove rows from the extensions -> table menu. The same goes for modifying the width and the height of the table. Don't select the table and resize it by dragging it's corners. Instead, after selecting it, just select the edit table width and height from the extension's options.
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