Free, Fast, Secure and User-Friendly Webbrowser


  • Intuitive User Interface, Fast and Secure
  • Saves your Privacy by not writing any website-related data to your disk
  • Export Websites as JPEG, PDF, SVG, PNG, ...
  • HTML5, WebKit, Flash and DivX Support
  • Popup Blocking, Infinite Loop Detection, Detailed Security Warnings
  • Intelligent address bar without leaking private data

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User Reviews

  • PLEASE continue this! This was a beautifully designed browser that was fast and usable, it was far better than Chrome and Firefox. Now it's outdated and nearly unusable in this day and age. Please continue the project and update this! This has mad potential, man!

  • I run 170 web sites and have written software for 30 years - over 20,000 cobol, c, dbase, basic, perl and javascript source files on my thumb drive - I wrote every one plus over 15,000 web pages I've authored. I do love Firefox, then found Opera - heard it ran faster - it did - great - then found K-Meleon - even better - too bad they didn't have a Linux version - then as I migrated to Linux I went hunting for something clean, sexy, fast, secure and tested International Surfboard and fell out of my chair. To test their "Flash included" I removed all the Flash components in my old Windows 2000 system - Int Surf ran like a champ. I took it to one of my sites that streams music videos back to back - Int Surf didn't burp or stall like Firefox (which I do like, and IE was and always will be a nightmare). No nightmare here - a dream. So I took it to one of my sites that has heavy javascript financial data processing and I Surf went ka-pow - here ya go - worked like a champ. So I said ok, lets uninstall it - ooops - NO CONTROL PANEL UNINSTALL - I was pissed - you son of a gun - so I hunted it down on the drive and removed its folder, but it didn't remove the PROGRAM MENU ICON - dang you - one of those jerks, eh? Boy was I really mad until I saw - right there on the start programs - "click to uninstall" (oooops - silly me - they did that perfect too - so perfect I didn't expect to find it - man I am laughing now). So here is an open source program that goes in easily, goes out easily, runs Win or Linux (gonna test that next), and doesn't require a component/control panel uninstall, runs like a champ, slick and fast - very - and except for the logo (which should be cleaned up a nice pretty wave or something - my two cents) this thing is probably the best bit of software on my system today. I will beat up the PDF and other utilities - smooth, clean, fast, easy in, easy out, secure (gonna test that too), and pretty darn clean - real clean look. For 30 years I've taught kids computer science and I'd give this guy an A+++ - don't change a darn thing. If I could find this guy I'd send him $20 bucks - anytime.

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Advanced End Users, Developers, End Users/Desktop

User Interface

Qt, Web-based, Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language