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README-win32.txt Download and installation of binaries: - Download the file indigo-scada-binaries-day-month-year-hour-min-revnnn.exe - Remove directory C:\scada on your PC, if any, of the previous release. - Run indigo-scada-binaries-day-month-year-hour-min-revnnn.exe and install in C:\ directory. - If the new binary release is database compatible, copy configdb.fdb currentdb.fdb resultsdb.fdb resultsdb.dbs files, copy every .ini files (except manager.ini), .ui files of your superseded C:\scada\project directory in the new C:\scada\project - Configure the firewall exceptions on TCP ports used by IndigoSCADA (see TCP ports in .ini file in C:\scada\project) - To start the scada, run the process C:\scada\bin\manager.exe - Make login as user 'Developer' and password 'qwerty' or user 'System' and password 'qwerty' - For further help see C:\scada\Help\IndigoSCADA_install_en.txt - See C:\scada\Help\LICENSE.txt for the license that governs this software. Note that IndigoSCADA is free software, and consequently there is NO WARRANTY. Download and installation of sources: - Download the file indigo-scada-src-day-month-year-hour-min-revnnn.tar.gz - Install Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0 or later - Install qt-3.3.x-p8.7z - To compile, go to C:\scada\src\daq directory and run daq.dsw with MSVC++ 6.0 or later - Set 'all' as active project and press F7 key
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