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  • As the others have said, this is an unnecessary fork...please check out the original Impro-visor.

  • Not sure why laseray is re-hosting Impro-visor under the name Improvisor. Get the original, which is available on sourceforge.

  • This project is a fork of It claims its purpose is to make the source of the original application available, by simply copying its freely available code (so this claim is rather pointless). BTW: this source is actually not available in the GIT repository of this project. In the README file of this project it does not even mention the name of its original author. So, the intend of this project looks questionable. This fork did not add any other benefits to the original project, it only claims it might do so in future.

  • The original Impro-Visor project is now hosted on sourceForge.

  • This is an unnecessary fork. Since the original Impro-Visor is unhindered and is available on Sourceforge (, note the hyphen) this project is unnecessary and confusing.

  • This projects hosts the Impro-Visor application and code. It may also create a fork of the original application to add improvements later. Users can obtain the application and code unhindered, compared to the original project. Note: this project was put in place before the original project was hosting the code on sourceforge, and because that project would not release the source code as it was supposed to under the GPL. This project is the reason you can actually get that other code now, it forced them to do what is right under the license they use. I had to argue long and hard with the admin of that project and finally, because he would not do what is right, I created this fork (an absolute right under the GPL). That forced him to put the code out.