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  • I honeslty consider this software the perfect software I at all times tried! => check this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • I really love the software but let me also offer some constructive criticism to the developers here, so that your program can be improved over time: 1---the new versions (6 and 7) with the virtual keyboard are how we actually think when improvising so this a major improvement over the earlier versions, but could it be made to work a bit faster than it does?? 2--sometimes when you give it chord input that it doesn't understand the program crashes horribly and takes your files with it. I was working on a file for almost 3 hours today, and had an original file stored on my phone cause I was working in a public lab, and I should've saved frequently but didn't but then also when I tried to save it went back to my original file and blew that file away too, really bad!! Luckily, still have the original on my home PC, but these bugs with the chord data need major fixes or something, cause the program just locks up horribly with them. 3--Also, if you just want to do octaves with no harmony, or right hand harmonization, it still can't be done with this, but seems like just having a unison bass traveling with the melody line should be a simple thing, and one much wanted, or to do just 2 contrapuntal lines there. 4--maybe improvements in certain sounds like the pianos or the drums. The bass sounds are great here though....but just so we don't have to keep exporting to mixcraft or Ableton, which takes a lot more technical know how, and makes your program less stand alone. Like I said though, even having such an aid to my hearing things is a vast improvement to my horrible music instructors in the 70s and 80s and I also like having the ability to think through compositions and then actually make recordings to entertain myself with too, without having to haul my piano out and set that up in very limited space and hurt my back practicing and such, AND the ability to speed things up with the program and make my own home recordings with "audacity" is awesome! so thanks.....

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  • This is a remarkable program, useful for so many things. First, Impro-visor allows you to easily enter any chord sequence. Once entered, you can play the sequence back at any speed in a wide variety of styles. The styles menu allows the addition of rhythmic percussion and a baseline according to your tastes. This alone is a great feature, perfect for practicing melodic accompaniment and more importantly, working on improvisation. Before discovering Impro-visor, when practicing improvisation, I would look for backing tracks on Youtube. These were available in a variety of keys and styles, but mainly isolated to a chord or sequence of chords linked to a particular scale. With Impro-visor, I can easily construct any sequence of chords, even for entire songs, which allows me to practice improvisation in a very focused manner. The second feature of note (haha), is the ability to construct complete melodic sequences. This can be done interactively. However, Impro-visor also embodies machine learning algorithms that can, given the chord sequence, automatically suggest a wide variety of improvisational ideas. The tutorial documentation was good, and I had no trouble learning how to use this program. On the downside, there are a few important bugs. The program occasionally has some issues with playback going dead for a few bars, and it has also locked up on me a couple of times.

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  • Really helpful program with a lot of different features

  • This program has so many different tools to choose from! They are all helpful and fun.

  • This is a great learning tool!

  • Offers a great number of useful and interesting features

  • This program can do so many innovative things.

  • Great project, extremely useful for transcription and practice as a developing improviser. Congratulations on the release of 6.0! --J.D.

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  • Thanks for Impro-visor, it's great!

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  • Runs smoothly

  • Good and useful software

  • Excellent program. Thanks all developers.

  • Impro-Visor is an awesome improvisational tool for any musician. It's both helpful and easy to use. Highly recommend it!

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  • I love this one!

  • Very powerful! Thanks

  • I have long looked for an open source alternative to Band in a Box. Improvisor fits that bill and even has other great features. This is a great tool for any musician or music teacher.

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  • good job

  • A GREAT improvisation aid. I highly recommend it!

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  • Impro-Visor is extremely useful for both beginners and experts.

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  • Impro-Visor is a great tool for any musician. Definitely helps open up new doors!

  • Impro-Visor is a great piece of software for the jazz musician. It has tools and functionality for helping players of all levels. Be sure to check it out!

  • A good choice for both beginners and professionals.

  • A terrific piece of software. A must for any jazz musician.

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