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  • I Really assume this software the perfect program I at all times tried! => have a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • I absolutely think this app the best app I at all times used! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free Goods :

  • A must have

  • Your project really made my problem much more easier. I needed to transfer complex Java library in maven, so I had to use the formula with { lib1.jar } { lib2.jar } etc, but now it works. Thanks a lot.

  • IKVM is nothing lesser than excellent. It eased my life for a project. However, when I was trying to use something like SomeList<myClass>, it said that SomeList can not have a generic data type, but this was working perfectly in Java. I found a work around for this but it would have been better if I did not need to.

  • IKVM works great. I just had one problem. I have a Java class that reads audio. However, I was unable to send the audio from C# to Java. Apart from that, it is excellent. :)

  • It works. I am using unity3d with c# script. and I want to call java code in c#, so I have to include all ikvm's dll and my java code's dll in my unity library, the ikvm's dll increases app size for about 18Mb, how to decrease the app size with using ikvm?? thanks in advance !!!.

  • I have a 50k+ lines of code java application that needed porting to c# and it worked just like that, no problems at all... I am still baffeled! Thanks for your work, good job!

  • Works great! I've tried Jsoup, HtmlUnit and IKVM compiled them to .NET very well.

  • Yes, great software and one of the best features is an ability to read and edit files from other developers.

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  • Impressible project - more powerful than most commercial solutions. Incredible powerful and flexible. Saved me countless hours.

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  • Nice project!

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

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  • Thousand thanks to Jeroen Frijters for this project! He saved my business after everyone was removing Java after serious security flaws in Java Browser PlugIn came to public i January 2013. It was very easy to compile the jar file of my project JDecisiontable into an .NET executable. The .NET executable runs very stable (just one crash after typing data in a decision table which was created but not saved while creating, saving, typing data, saving ... works. More thanks for choosing a simple permissive license - i'm not a lawyer and thus always afraid to make mistakes with licenses.

  • Good and useful software

  • Love that its free

  • This project is awesome which reduced our project time and excellent library.

  • excellent project

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  • Small, simple, fast, unpacks lots of things, easy and small install... I just love this program and use it for years now. Never had any problems with it. Highly recommended!

  • Good one...

  • Straight forward SIMPLE user interface.

  • it just works.. which from me, is a large compliment

  • a great software,love it,very useful

  • This is one of my must haves after a reimage.

  • Best available!

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