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  • This is a great, and surprisingly unique, application. Novell's licensing and marketing practices may very well kill the commercial version of this product, so I truly hope the Open Source project gets momentum again. Hands down the most versatile and cost effective way to share files within your enterprise or organization. Some caveats from experience: Use openSUSE 11.3 and iFolder 3.8.0 for easiest installation and best compatibility. Use Novell eDirectory if you want to use groups (though you can still use AD and OpenLDAP for basic user authentication).

  • The newest version is from 2009. Is this project still living. I used it years ago and It was a very good program. Now I use opensuse 12.1 and there is only version for opensuse 11.1. I can see the client in opensuse 12.1 repo but no server. Should I use it or something else ?

  • Works great for me!

  • Plain Awful. Very difficult to install. The documentation is very long and does not tell you what you need to know. If you go the openSuse way, which is the recommended operating system, you need to manually enable SSL in apache. The ifolder client simply does not work without SSL and the error message is very cryptic. "Naturally" the ifolder setup allows you to set up without SSL - which renders it useless. The mono installation described in the manual does not work. Ifolder will not work with anything but the version of mono which it was designed for. So you need to manually install tons of ancient packages. At least they exist for openSUSE, but you need to repeat the process every year, as openSuse has very short support. If you install without LDAP you can NEVER change the admin password. This option simply does not exist. Also you cannot define groups, which makes sharing a global thing. If you install with LDAP, you need to be really clever and try diferent values for a very long time. There is nothing mentioned in the manual and there is no help on the net. If you go with LDAP you cannot use the admin web interface for users. Now all this would be acceptable if the software actually worked. But try making a 250Gb ifolder and the server will stop at some point and delete all your files. Should you ever feel the need to debug the software and find the client who is causing the problem, you need to spend a lot of time looking in the log files. The admin web interface is no help at all - doesn't mention traffic. This project is dead and needs to remain dead.

  • great software! :)

  • very good project

  • I love ifolder so much i put together (with alot of help) a tutorial for iFolder and openSuSE 11.3 located here: iFolder is perfect for anyone who likes what dropbox does but wants to run their own server or is paranoid about who has access to the files. iFolder is also perfect for businesses who want to setup file syncing for whatever reason, possibly an off site backup or satellite office.

  • This software is the perfect companion for people that are on the go. Allows sync between many computers as well as web access. It still lacks some features, but is the one of the most promising open source software for multicomputer sync.