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  • The app works only on MacBooks. I personally prefer "Macs Fan Control" app, which also works on any other Apple hardware. Awesome user interface, sensor-based control for your fans. Mac version also available.

  • Hello folks ! I Wonder know if the product works with Windows 7 32 bit ? I have installed it. It recognized the pc but tell me : "sorry, this app works with Mac computers only!" Thank you for your answer. Good bye !

  • is it going to support iMac???

  • This works great on my Macbook Pro (2008) when it's running WindowsXP in BootCamp (to answer Lt commander's question, it's a Windows program for Mac hardware that's running Windows through Boot Camp; it doesn't work with non-Mac hardware because it's designed to control Apple brand hardware that's running Windows; I hope that explains it. It IS a Windows program but for Mac hardware that is currently running Windows not OSX). My only suggestions to the author would be for some user adjustable parameters for fan speeds to taste (although the defaults are pretty good) and it'd be cool to see an OSX version since SMCFanControl has no upper limits (won't keep your Mac from frying itself when CPU cranks up unless you manually turn up the fan) and Lobotomo's FanControl/iFanControl is out of date and doesn't work with all Macs (seems to be a lot of customized versions out there, but they usually lack 64-bit support, etc.) Basically, I'm saying my Macbook Pro works better in Windows than it does in OSX in terms of a good fan speed to keep things cool automatically!!! :-)

  • This software only work with MAC, but the windows logo is appeared on this page. Beware it also can be downloaded in Windows but it after that is said "Sorry only with with MAC" Any feedback let me know. What is this sofware about, why can be installed in Windows user? but actually cannot be run? Or this software....

  • great program ifanautocontrol, thanks.

  • Great work!!! ***** Hope that you will implement a function allow user manual enter the max/min speed base on GPU and CPU temp soon.

  • Please please please can you update your software to support Macbook 4.1 ?

  • Great work. It works flawlessly and keeps the computer much cooler (I can touch it anywhere without burning myself :-) As I'm a bit of a geek it would be nice to have a manual mode where I could set the target temperature and fan speed profile (e.g. minimum speed, maximum speed, minimum temp. and maximum temp) for each fan separately as one side often runs warmer than the other - the side where the GPU is located I think. This is definitely the best app for this problem so far.

  • This is the only one that works on my 13" macbook pro. You should implement fan speed/temperture setting (min / max) and the possibility to manual control the fan speed to silence the notebook. I'm using a notebook stand with a cooler but the speed of the fan is often hig. At least it works and keep your mac cold! If you need to translate to italian send me the language file. thanks