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  • Great tag editor! Been using the kid3 earlier but find IDTE to be very clean and up to the mark. The music player is very convenient while tagging files Since, i make and produce music therefore it keeps everything in track. Great Job!

  • Very nice software. Easy and simple. If you are looking for a complete IDE for batch files see Batch Compiler (batch-compiler). Converts BAT to EXE. Freeware. Real compiling + Draw graphics with Advance Commands!

  • very nice work. thanks idte did the job perfectly

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  • Perfectly open source and very easy product. I think I wouldn't need any other tool anymore this is the one which work for all of my tags.The feature i like the most is tag convrsion and lyrics fatching. some features are hidden and i find them after using it for about 2 months LOL.Thanks and kudos for makin my life easier. very great product nd 4 free.

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  • only tag editor that can add tags to wav files so easily.lyrics fetch is quite interesting. i am using it az a default music player for wav,mp3 and flac but if i select more than one file in explorer for playing purpose many instances will open up (equal to number of files). i got to work on that. But Anyway. Good work. and keep it up.

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  • This is the best tag editor i ever have . its easy to use and absolutely worth trying.I was using tag and rename before but, ever since switched to it. I have flac,mp3 and m4a collections and idte edits them so simply. Also tags looks beautiful on my windows and andriod phone music player. Thank you for such a program i'm looking so forward for its future versions.

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  • This is a great program — not yet perfect, but hey-- perfection is a matter of opinion. I've used WinAmp since day-1 but IDTE now gives me a much finer working pane where I can edit flac and mp3 tags. The center roller button on the mouse adjusts the volume. I found out the program prefers to be run maximized. It would be great to set it as my default player for mp3 and flac, but it runs without the button graphics, and so I haven't figured that out. Maybe something in my duh-factor?? Thanks for an outstanding chunk of code!

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  • Awesome tag editor with a complet music player and lyrics options.fetching is good and music player supports most of the formats.

  • Very Nce Aplicationae with simple and easy UI :).

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