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SRC 2014-01-22 0
IDTE 2013-03-02 0
version.txt 2014-12-27 7.7 kB
README.txt 2014-12-27 22.8 kB 0
IDTE Portable v2.8.zip 2014-12-27 6.1 MB 1515 weekly downloads
IDTE v2.8 Setup.exe 2014-12-27 4.3 MB 311311 weekly downloads
IDTE-Portable v 2.6.8.zip 2014-11-27 6.0 MB 0
IDTE v2.6.8 Setup.exe 2014-11-27 4.3 MB 0
IDTE-Portable v 2.6.5.zip 2014-11-26 6.1 MB 0
IDTE v2.6.5 Setup.exe 2014-11-26 4.3 MB 0
IDTE-ID3 Tag Editor Portable.zip 2014-11-23 6.1 MB 11 weekly downloads
IDTE v2.6 Setup.exe 2014-11-23 4.3 MB 0
IDTE Setup v2.5.exe 2014-07-29 6.4 MB 11 weekly downloads
IDTE Portable v2.5.zip 2014-07-29 7.8 MB 2323 weekly downloads
IDTE Setup v2.4.exe 2014-03-26 6.2 MB 2020 weekly downloads
IDTE Portable v2.4.zip 2014-03-25 7.6 MB 0
IDTE Portable v2.3.zip 2014-02-23 5.4 MB 0
IDTE Setup v2.3.exe 2014-02-23 4.2 MB 0
IDTE Setup v2.2.exe 2014-02-15 5.8 MB 0
IDTE Portable v2.2.zip 2014-02-15 5.8 MB 0
IDTE Setup v2.1 (Unicode).exe 2014-01-23 5.9 MB 0
IDTE Portable v2.1 (Unicode).zip 2014-01-23 5.8 MB 0
IDTE_Command_Line_v2.0_Linux_preview SRC.zip 2014-01-22 189.3 kB 0
IDTE Setup v2.0 (Unicode).exe 2014-01-22 5.9 MB 0
IDTE Portable v2.0 (Unicode).zip 2014-01-22 5.8 MB 0
IDTE Portable v1.5.5 (Extended).zip 2013-12-29 5.4 MB 0
IDTE Setup v1.5.5 (Extended).exe 2013-12-29 5.4 MB 0
IDTE_command_line_v1.0_Linux_preview_only.tar.gz 2013-12-29 246.3 kB 0
IDTE Setup v1.1 (Refreshed).exe 2013-10-27 4.9 MB 0
IDTE Portable v1.1 (Refreshed).zip 2013-10-27 4.9 MB 0
IDTE Setup v1.1.exe 2013-10-22 4.9 MB 0
IDTE Portable v1.1.zip 2013-10-22 4.9 MB 0
IDTE Setup v1.0.6.exe 2013-08-28 4.9 MB 0
IDTE Portable v1.0.6.zip 2013-08-28 4.9 MB 0
IDTE Setup v1.0.5.5.exe 2013-08-04 4.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
IDTE Portable v1.0.5.5.zip 2013-08-04 4.9 MB 0
IDTE Portable v1.0.5 (Refreshed).zip 2013-06-29 5.2 MB 0
IDTE Portable v1.0.5.zip 2013-06-03 5.1 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.5.exe 2013-06-03 5.3 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.4.3.exe 2013-05-14 5.2 MB 0
IDTE-ID3 Tag Editor(Portable) v1.0.4.3.zip 2013-05-14 5.1 MB 0
IDTE-ID3 Tag Editor(Portable) v1.0.4.2.zip 2013-04-13 4.9 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.4.2.exe 2013-04-13 5.2 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.4.1.exe 2013-04-03 5.2 MB 0
IDTE-ID3 Tag Editor(Portable) v1.0.4.1.zip 2013-04-03 4.9 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.4 (Frodo).exe 2013-03-25 5.1 MB 0
IDTE - Portable v1.0.4.zip 2013-03-25 4.8 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1. 2013-03-19 5.2 MB 0
IDTE-Portable v1. (Refreshed).zip 2013-03-19 5.1 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1. 2013-03-17 5.2 MB 0
IDTE-Portable v1. 2013-03-17 5.1 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1. 2013-03-15 5.2 MB 0
IDTE-Portable v1. 2013-03-15 5.2 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.3.5 (Extended Edition).exe 2013-03-14 5.2 MB 0
IDTE Portable v1.0.3.5.zip 2013-03-14 5.2 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.3.4.exe 2013-03-08 5.0 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.3.3(Refreshed).exe 2013-03-06 5.0 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.3.3.exe 2013-03-05 5.0 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.3.2.exe 2013-03-04 5.0 MB 0
IDTE - Setup v1.0.3.exe 2013-03-02 4.9 MB 0
Totals: 60 Items   286.7 MB 372
How To Install:- For Installer version :- * Uninstall any previous version of IDTE (Optional). * Now, run the Setup and Follow onscreen Instructions * Now Run IDTE Directly From The Desktop Shortcut For Portable Version :- * Extract the Complete Folder into any directory * Now, Run IDTE.exe from the Extracted folder How To Remove:- For Installer Version :- * Goto the Installation Directory of IDTE and run uninstall.exe or Open Control Panel>Add or Remove Program>Select IDTE to remove the IDTE. * Voila! Everything Done. For Portable Version :- * Just Remove the Extracted Folder in which You Installed the IDTE. Note :- * If You want to remove its Configuration and saved data (Not Recommended, in case if you want to reinstall IDTE and want to use its previous Settings)then goto "Documents/My Documents" Folder and remove "IDTE_Data" Folder and "IDTE_Configuration.ini" file. Thankyou For Trying this Project Please Report Your Bugs as, we will always try to fix them Minimum System requirement =========================================================================================================== Dual Core processor with 1Ghz of min Speed or more (Intel or AMD) 256 MB of Ram or More 11MB of HDD Space Min. Screen Resolution of 800 x 600 (Recommended 1360 x 760 or more) ========================================================================================================== +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ News:- A Minimalistic version of IDTE is available for download. (But, Keep in Mind --> It's Super Minimalistic as well as portable) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CHANGELOG :- =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.8 27/Dec/2014 =========================================================================================================== Bug Fixes :- * Year was Tagging the Track and Vice Versa. * Tooltip for Visualization was not working Properly. * Even after de-selection, the files in the list view was keep showing as selected. * Session loading (on start-up) was taking more time. * Removing Album Art option was not available in cover context menu.(In case of Multiple Files) New Features:- * Improved Error Acknowledgements. =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.6.8 27/Nov/2014 =========================================================================================================== Bug Fixes :- * Changing Cover Type was not working =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.6.5 26/Nov/2014 =========================================================================================================== Bug Fixes :- * Total no. of cover art was not showing properly in case of FLAC Files. * Sometimes Selecting Multiple Files does not works properly =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.6 23/Nov/2014 =========================================================================================================== New Features :- * Removed unnecessary Options * Improved Performance (A Complete Code Rewrite) * High Resolution Screen Support (Still Room For Improvement :) ) Bug Fixes :- * Fixed Focus Stealing Problem with IDTE (Please Report if Still Exists). * Fixed Non-Drag-able Progress Bars * Fixed Numpad Interfacing while tagging files * Fixed Music Player (Album Art was not setting up properly) * Fixed Equalizers * Fixed Most of the annoying Bugs Changes:- * Tray Tips instead of Toaster Popups. * All Configurations are saved in IDTE_Data Folder =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.5 25/June/2014 =========================================================================================================== New Features :- * Multiple Cover Art Support. * Lyrics Support for FLAC,APE,WMA and MP4 Tags.(Itunes Frame Support for MP4 Tags) * Wide format support for Removal of tags. Now, IDTE will automatically detect which tag to remove. * Complete Case-Conversion For Tags. * Complete Support For FLAC,APE,WMA,OGG,Lyrics and MP4 Tags. Now, All the Extended Fields ares available for these tags. * Cover art removal option for all supported tags. * Progress bar for copy/move options * Improved Exception Handling and Error Acknowledgements. * Improved Performance. * New Column in List view "Supported Tags" for showing Tags supported in files by IDTE. * Improved Context Menu and much more.. Changes :- * Reintroduced "TAG - A command line tool" for better handling of OGG files. * removed unnecessary toaster pop-up messages while IDTE window is activated. Now Popups will notify only when window is either inactive or minimized. * Improved and Grouped Various Options in Context Menu Bug Fixes :- * Resuming a Track will raise the volume to full. * Pressing Ctrl+A while editing a field will select all the elements in listview instead of selecting the text elements. * Comment Fields were not saving properly in ID3v2 Tags in case of multiple file selection. * Adding Vorbis tags to OGG files MESS UP OGG files and make them unstable for playback (due to Vorbis comment incompatibility). * Mini mode does not hides the IDTE Interface. * Dead files were not removed properly. * Lyrics Fetching in case of wrong artist/album info was not prompting again for re-fetching. TODO :- * Tag files from CUE Sheets * On-line Music Streaming * XML Import =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.4 23/Mar/2014 =========================================================================================================== New Features:- * Added Drag and Drop Support for CUE and Playlists. * Added a Complete Desciptive Help Manual. * Added "Play Next" option for queuing of files for plaback. * Added lyrics/visualization toggling in player mode. * Improved Performance and options. * Enable Logging. Changes :- * Information Button is changed into Help Button. Bug Fixes :- * Fixed Cover art Exporting Problem, Earlier it was only exported to PNG. (Some image viewers were unable to render it). * Fixed Unreleased Buffer Problem, due to which IDTE is unable to tag any previously played file. * Fixed On Top Problem with Mini Mode. * Fixed Most of the Minor Bugs. :) =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.3 24/Feb/2014 =========================================================================================================== New Features:- * Added Cover Art Changing Option in Quick Tag Editing Mode. * Added Removing of Lyrics and Vorbis Tag. * Full Support for Low Screen Resolutions(Little Buggy Yet). * Mini Player Mode for Instant Access to Playback Options (Little Buggy Yet). Changes:- * New Installer Bug Fixes:- * ID3v1 tags does not saves in file. =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.2 14/Feb/2014 =========================================================================================================== New Features:- * Convert Filename into Tag. * Improved right click menus * Improved Cover Type Setting Option * A Completely new Jewel Case For Album Art * More Filters in Listview i.e. Samplerate,bitrate,duration (Also Coloumns are Drag and dropable Now) * Imporved Detailed Information Panel * Improved Toaster Popups/Notifications Changes:- * Field "Band/Accompaniment" is changed into "Band/Album Artist".(More User Friendly) * "New Field " is changed into "Extended Fields" Bug Fix :- * After Dropping Files, IDTE Closes Unexpectedly. * Comments Fields was not working For some files. * Cover Art Export Was not Working * New Field addition was adding the text field alone. * Solved Theme Charmeleon Background Colour problem * Solved Slider Problem (Mouse was in Front of Progress while Dragging). * Fixed Some Minor Bugs =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.1 (Unicode) 23/jan/14 =========================================================================================================== Bug Fix:- * Lyrics Fetching was not Working =========================================================================================================== IDTE v2.0 (Unicode) 23/jan/14 =========================================================================================================== New Features:- *Full Unicode Support: Now, User-interface and tagging are fully Unicode compliant. *IDTE can now accept files via "Send to" Context Menu from File Explorer (Can Be Turned Off/On in Configuration) *Very Fast Tag Saving. i.e. Less time for saving tags. *Added Uninstaller (Installer Version Only) For Safe Removal Bug Fixes:- *Click and Drag Problem with Volume and Song Progress *Some Issues with Quick Tag Editing Mode *Solved Isuues with playback *Fixed some Minor Bugs =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.5 (Extended) =========================================================================================================== New Features :- * Changed icons and buttons (Oxygen Icons) * Added Automatically Updater * Added Cover Art Fetcher * Change log view Options * Added Multiple Visualizations * Lyrics Fetching From Multiple Sources * Quick tag editing window * Export to XML (Spiff) * Added Playlist Options For all the Supported Formats * Added Startup Tips Options * Now you can change the Cover Type Directly * Added Equalizers * Custom Scrolling time in Autoscrolling of Lyrics * More New Features and Optimizations Changes :- * Theme CustomiZrable is completely changed now * Now Status/progress of Current Operation will be on lower left corner of IDTE * Status of Lyrics Fetching is visible now * Refresh Options will refresh complete Listview * License Changed to GPL (GNU GPL) from LGPL Bug Fixes :- * Export to HTML was not Working * Volume Issues with windows 8 (It was using master volume of W8) * Cover Removal Option was Not Working (Never Before) * Fixed Most of the Minor Bugs Removals :- * Removed Unnecessary Options and added new one's * Removed "TAG" Command line Tool TODO:- * A complete Descriptive Help File * Importing of XML * Online file Streaming =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.1 (Refreshed) Bug Fixes:- *Cover Art Was not Appearing in Tag Panel for Some Music Formats(Except MP3). =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.1 New Features:- *Added Clear on Start-up Option. *Completely Portable (IDTE creates a Folder "IDTE_Data" and a Configuration file "IDTE_Configuration.ini" in "My Documents" which Contains the Last Database and IDTE Settings according to Your Machine, So that whenever you port From One Machine To Another, Your Data and Configuration will Be Kept Intact). *No More Administration Access is Required on Startup of IDTE (Everything action is Executed into "Temp" Folder instead of Native Directory). Bug Fixes:- *Even After Stopping Playback, Some Music Formats will Not Be Tagged at all (Due to unreleased File Buffer),Now Fixed :). Upcoming Changes in Next Version v1.1.1:- *Automatic Update Option Will Be Included Soon into IDTE. *Fast Recursive Addition of Folder will be Included. *Wanna Add Some Feature?, Request Features and Suggestion at rajatkosh2153@gmail.com =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.6 New Feature:- *Some Previous Releases leads to Session loading Time. *Added File organisation support for WMA-Fields,FLAC Tag,Vorbis Comment,Wav Chunk,Mp4 Atoms and APEtags. Changes:- *Tokens have been changed e.g A\L\N.T is now %Artist%\%Album%\%Track%-%Title% *Removed Recursive file conversion (It's was getting too Buggy) but, will be coming soon in upcoming versions. =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.5.5 New Features:- *Enhanced Time Reducement in Session Saving *Included Extra Warning Messages *Changed Installer =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.5 (Refreshed) [Portable Only Release] New Features:- *Real-time navigation in listview (i.e. Selecting/Deselecting/Up-Down Movement etc. will automatically place the current item in Tag Panel) *Enhanced Keyboard Support for IDTE . *Added BlueBar Visualisation (View-->Visualization) Changes:- *Play Button of Music Player does not play focused file , it rather restart/resume the current music playback (Likewise in winamp). *Toolbar Play Button OR Context Menu Open/Play option will play the currently focused file. Bug Fixes :- *Sometimes List View Looses focus and double-triple clicks are required to Refocus items.(Very Annoying Bug) *Sometimes double click does not plays song. *Tagging without mouse wasn't possible . *Selecting Multiple Items in list View will not appears automatically in list view (While Using Shift + Up/Down). *Autoscrolling Lyrics Timing was interfacing with the Tag Retrieving Time =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.5 New Features:- *Added Cover Art Support For Flac,MP4,M4A,WMA Tags. *Added Icons in Menu and Context *Added Case Conversions *Added Some New Options *Enhanced Previous Session Loading Time *Added playback support for Optim Frog Bug Fixes:- *Next Track Wasn't Playing Sometimes automatically (Now Completely Fixed) *Tag retrieving time wasn't Appearing. Drawbacks:- Previous Versions Session Files aren't fully compatible with this one =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.43 New Features:- *Added Real Time List View Processing (Any Change In Song Will Immediately Appear in List View) *Added Text Only Lyrics Fetching (From A-Z Lyrics) *Increased Efficiency *Improved Configuration (*With Immediate Effect) *Added Player Mode Tab (With AutoScroll Lyrics) Bug Fixes:- *Duration Wasn't Automatically Changing in Player (Due To Previous Release). *Play Mode (Repeat,All etc) Wasn't Working Properly Due To Incorrect Duration Appearing in Player *Error Message On Pasting Improper CoverArt =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.4.2 New Features:- *Added Support For PlayLists - PLS,WPL and M3U *Added Support For CUE Files , Now IDTE Can Play And Split Files From CUE File *Added Session Save/Load Options, Now You Can Save Your Session. *Added Addition of Formats Other Than Mp3 in List View in Folder Mode *Added Drag n Drop Support For Folders. Bug Fixes:- Major:- *Some Previous Releases Leads To The Multiple File Tagging Problem in Case of MP3, Now Solved :) Minor:- *Read Tag Option Wasn't Reading Tags properly and View-->Tag Details Wasn't Working Properly *Fetching Lyrics Consumes More CPU if Fetching is Done Four or Five Times (A Text Only Fetching Will Be Added Soon) *In ListView, Track No. ,Comments etc Weren't Appearing (Tags Other Than ID3v2) =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.4.1 New Feature:- *Changed Cover Art Context Menu.(Included Copy,Paste Options) *Changed Splash Screen *Changed Theme 1 (CustomiZrable) interface. *Added Play Mode (Repeat All,Single File etc.). *Added Visualisation (Beat Analyser). *Added Global Media Hotkeys Support (Play/Pause,Next,Prev,Stop). *Added Mouse Scrolling Support (For Volume,Scroll bar,Seekbar). *Added ID3v2 User Specified Field Editing Panel. *Added Channel,Bitrate,Sample Rate Fields in Now Playing Panel (Not Visible in Theme 2). *Added Now Playing Identifier Icon (Marker) In List View. *Improved Configuration (No More Annoying Options). *Enhanced Performance. *Improved Tray & TaskBar Icon. *Added Cover Type Description & Size. *Added Volume/Progress Status (At Bottom of GUI). Bug Fixes:- *Next Track doesn't Plays Automatically Sometimes *Exporting Tag info wasn't for any other Tag(such as FLAC,APE etc) except ID3. Change Log:- =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.4 New Features:- *Added Support For Lyrics Tag *Added Support For ID3v2 Tag *Added Lyrics Editing & Fetching Panel *Addded SFX Panel *Now IDTE Can Be Used As A Collection Player *A New PopUp (Toaster Popup) *Added Drop Down List Support While Changing Fonts in Configuration *Added Music Hotkeys Support *Changed Interface (A Little Bit) *Changed Icon *Added User Dependent Exit Prompt Miscellaneous:- *Rewrite The Source Code in Order To Increase Efficiency *IDTE is Not renamed to It's Different Tag Editor (Suggestion Was -->"It's Simple") *Removed "Enter" Hotkey Support For Playing Files (F10 will Do That) =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1. (Refreshed) New Feature:- *Rembember Volume Position of Last Session *Ctrl+A (Selecting All) Will Automatically Put Items in Tag Panel Bug Fixes:- *Resolved Double Click Problem in IDTE (After Saving Tag/Playing Song/Copying Tags etc. the Focus is Loosed From list View and in order to refocus them, A double/triple click is required) *Extended Tags (Band,Composer,Publisher) weren't saving in ID3v2 Tags (in Multiple Mode) *Increased Efficiency =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1. New Feature:- *Make Playlists From Selected Files *Added Some New Options To Tray Menu BugFixes:- *Band/Orchestra info was Appearing on List view but not in Tag Panel. *Double Click on Player Album Art Changes The Player AlbumArt into Current Album Art *Improved Tray Menu (PlayAgain in Tray Menu Does Not Play The Current Song rather it plays the Focused Song) =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1. (Extended Edition) BugFixes:- *Previous Release Leads To Drag & Drop Problem *On Some Machines (With High UAC) IDTE will n't Be Able To Show Album Art. *Online Search Didn't Takes Place in Expected Manner After Saving A Tag. *SomeTimes Next Track Didn't Plays Automatically =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.3.5 (Extended Edition) New Features:- * Added Tag Support For WMA-Fields,FLAC Tag,Vorbis Comment,Wav Chunk,Mp4 Atoms And APEtags. Now IDTE will Read & Write All The Mentioned tags + ID3 Tags * Added Playback Support For mp3,mp2,mp1,ogg,oga,wav,aif,aiff,aifc,mo3,xm,mod,s3m,it,mtm,umx,midi,mus,rmi,kar,flac,wma,wmv,wmp,asf,aac,mp4,m4a,m4b,m4p,wv,wvc,ape,mpc,mpp,mp+,ac3,spx,tta,ofr And opus Formats. Bug Fixes:- *Playing Duration Wasn't Appearing Correctly Miscellaneous:- *License Changed to LGPL Drawbacks:- *Functions Such As Converting/Playlist Are For ID3 Tags Only =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.3.4 Bug Fixes:- *Lagging in Visualisation *Cover Art Was Not Opening on Double Click on Picture (PNG) *Properties Context Wasn't Opening *Infringements Occurs While Playing Song =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.3.3(refreshed) Bug Fixes:- *Previous release Leads to Drag & Drop Problem. =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.3.3 New Feature:- *Added Visualisation =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.3.2 Bug Fixed:- * Reading Does not Starts From Default Folder *Fields - Year,Track no.,Size aren't Sorting in Expecting manner =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.3.1 New Feature:- *Added Drag & Drop Support For Files Only (Folders Not Allowed) =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.3 New Features:- *Changed interface *Added Music Player *Tag Retriving By Audiogenie3.dll *Music Engine- Bass.dll *Added Three Graphical interface *Increased Efficiency *Added Multi Select interface *Added Support of Multipe Files At once *Added Support For ID3 Tagging in FLAC,APE,ALAC etc *More Tag Removal Options *Added Password Protections *Added Realtime Focus Function *Added Fonts Changing Option *Added Reading/Writing of ID3v2.4 Tags *Added tray tips *Added Configuration Options (You Can Configure IDTE By Yourself) *Added Command Line Tool (Implemented in Autoit) *More New Features Are Added into IDTE (Explore it Yourself) Removed:- *metamp3 - A Command Line Utility for Tag editing *Drag & Drop Support (Will Be implemented Soon) Bug Fixes:- *Time reducement in Tag Saving *Fixed Unnecessary information Appearing in Tag Fields ============================================================================================================ IDTE v1.0.2 Bug Fixes:- *Time reducement in Tag Saving & Extracting *Comment Will Appear Clean Now *Sorting Without Effecting Tags New Features:- *Double Click will Not Effect The Tag Costumizing Area, rather it Plays files *Drag & Drop Support For Single Files =========================================================================================================== IDTE v1.0.1 *First Release
Source: README.txt, updated 2014-12-27

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