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  • Best internet radio streaming solution for Linux hands down. And in some aspects better than SAM for Windows. I miss a few features like shuffling a playlist prior to starting streaming instead of the current endless random mode and time display for when tracks will start, but otherwise this works really well. Only drawback is the first setup with JACK, especially if you want to keep using PulseAudio for other apps.

  • Great DJ software for Linux. Being JACK-based is even a boon. Competes and does better than expensive commercial software (think SAM).

  • Seems to be a great tool for broadcasting, i download it but i can't get it on my MacBook Pro. its a little technical. Help!

  • This is the premier utility for doing live streaming and recording in Linux. Takes some getting used to, but not because of the utility, but because it uses JACK.

  • The most thought-out and stable solution for streaming to Icecast/Shoutcast servers under Linux I know of. Concentrates on what's needed and has all the options. Plus, the programmer responds very quickly to bug reports and/or feature requests. Plus, IDJC uses JACK (which may sometimes be a hassle to set up but if you're a musician, producer or serious broadcaster, you'll want that, believe me). You'll also want robust network connections (i.e., nfs, NOT CIFS/SMB). I have IDJC running under both Ubuntu Studio (Studio machine) and Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon (laptop, for when I'm on the road). Currently, you *have* to compile it from the development sources if you want all the features, but man it shines! Heartfelt thanks for sharing this with us, Stephen!

  • Best Broadcaster Software!!!!!

  • Thanks you for the code and thank you for the prompt support. For a journalist trying to learn to stay relevant in the disruptivae age of new media, tis is an excellent tool. Stephen's application design and documentation are some of the best across the open and proprietary/commercial software communities and his support responses during the Easter holiday weekend is beyond compare.

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  • Nice stuff, I have been it for a long time. But now... it's really time for VJing.

  • best DJ Program I found so far. I've been using it for over two years and just love it!

  • I had worked dj yesteryear at the school Where I was DJ on the dance)

  • terrific program

  • Very like this project

  • Very smooth and non intrusive interface.

  • Thanks a lot for such a nice project!

  • Excellent software

  • The Internet DJ Console is one of the Linux streaming podcaster's best friends. In addition to being a central tool for announcing and playing music live over the Internet, it has the features that can bring a streaming conversational podcast to life, including a phone connection feature that can assist in supporting call-in shows. And what I've seen of its in-development version, I can promise you: It's going to get better. MUCH better.

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  • Best DJ Program I found so far. I've been using it for over two years and just love it!

  • Excellent !!

  • I have done radio streaming on and off for years and i have used this from the start. What has gotten to me now to make me want to review is that the developer is still very active with the project and is willing to help you in anyway possible. Great FOSS software, and i hope to give this to lots of other people to use it with Listen2MyRadio. Thank you, Mr. Fairchild.

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  • In the past, I have streamed on Windows XP with both SAM and ShoutCast. After trying Internet DJ Console on Ubuntu Studio, I must say that it was the best streaming experience in my life. Over six hours connected to my server, and it preformed flawlessly. Kudos to those who put this together.

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  • Is the best open source software for broadcasting. I've used it for 2 years, and I never had a problem. +A

  • We are producing the online radio station. We play pop-folk music from the Balkans and we are using idjc.It is great software for our needs. The fade over function was enabled by my request and it is great. The voip support also is fine as we use it for our main way to talk in air.

  • May 12, 2012 Next Release Suggestions: My apologies to Stephen if these have been added -or- already suggested and "eeks" if they're coding nightmares. 1- Fade time currently 0, 5, 10. Adding 0.5 fade time would make for tighter sweet segues. 2- Stream Normaliser (aka Compressor) Rise time from 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds. 3- I still ponder the idea of Hard Limiter at -0dB as a post-Limiter with Compressor being 'pre' before the Limiter. v0.8.4 sounds like both Limiter/Compressor work either parallel or the Limiter comes before the Compressor. Been trying to figure that out for 2 years. Perhaps 45 years working recording studios has made me too nit picky. Again, my apologies. October 18, 2011 UPDATED: Having worked several months with IDJC, want to revise 2 comments I made. #1, -2dB Limiter was a good decision. I've noticed when doing "A-B" comparisons with major Internet radio networks, based on tweaking Compressor settings. #2- Search, Instead of fixing metadata song by song, I run all songs through Sound Converter. 95% of songs, the ID3 tags Artist/Title are automatically corrected, bitrate convert them to 192 (128-320 suggested for pros). Most important for search purposes, renames the file Artist/Title. For the 5% that show errors, I run those songs again, sometimes 1 song at a time. Worst case scenario is manually type [Artist] [Album] - [Title].mp3. Makes it easier to find in Menu, Places, Searching Files. (studio v10.04 LTS)

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  • It's a good stable streamer I used for two years.

  • It's a great streaming app but it has its limitations. It isn't nearly as automated as some commercial Windows applications, and I'd really like to see features like auto-playing a jingle or a commercial every X amount of songs or to have text to speech capabilities as to download a weather report or announce a unix fortune or simply read the time every half hour, but it's the best (and only streamer of its kind on Linux) around. Thumbs up.

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