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  • It's a very good project, full of personalizations and usability. I recommend this ROM for all people that wants a powerfull user experience from their devide.

  • the best rom ever...

  • really where is 6.4 file to download?

  • Where is V6 file ??

  • I have problems with the 6.0 version of JB 4.1.2

  • But why not, this is a great project!

  • I have vk 5.4.4 . when I want to change my lock screen picture, i set it and choose it. but after 5.4.4 when I choose a picture for lock screen, it becomes more zoomed than which i set. problem is: i choose and set a picture for lock screen, but it is set so zoomed.. and looks terrible

  • i have one problem though, everytime i charge my phone, the touch sensitivity is very low :( it's very hard for me to type whenever i'm charging my phone.

  • Im on --VK-- XWLPX-V5.4.3 , Today i updated with V5.4.4 final. I have i minor issue with --VK-- Settings/Battery and Toogles/Battery status. I cannot change the battery style ? So far the ROM is perfect nad very beautiful

  • Best rom project i've tested so far =) but i would like som changelogs..

  • I have been using the VK Rom for a few weeks now and even though I have used nearly all the latest release AOSP JB Roms from XDA but are always buggy or unstable so I always return to this one. Very stable however the bugs are already known and to me relatively minor and may be resolved by latest release 5.4 which I will test out very soon. The phone recording option is a gem however the option to "auto record" as well would be a bonus. Excellent Rom all round for ICS 4.0.4 probably the better Rom out there

  • i like this rom wating for the update... thanks for making

  • Doing my own research, it seems to by an ICS (i.e. Android 4)-based ROM for Galaxy S2. It's "official" announcement thread is at I also found a demo video:

  • I wonder why Sourceforge listed this undescribed project into its "Fastest Growing Projects" list into latest newsletter... Add a description and/or an home page ASAP.

  • Add some description, please.

  • Like Nicola I would like to know that this project is/does? How can you rate what you do not know?

  • What is this project? No description at all! This is very bad.