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  • Two (2) major problems need to be fixed: 1) Email configuration did not work. 2) Even the alarm is activated, just slowly close the lid and it won't go off.... you can just carry the laptop and disarm it somewhere hehe! The product is good but only it cannot serve its main purpose.. Good Luck! Earl

  • Love the app! Keeps my colleuges from touching my computer whenever I forget to lock it. Things I miss: - Auto pause music on lock - Always play alarm over speakers, even if headphones are connected. Sometimes it locks me auto... if I pressed the wrong password, but it usually solves itself with some backspaces. Awesome app!

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  • Cool app. Allowing dynamic, ie flashing images for the logo background would even improve the deterrent impact on potential predators.

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  • very good project

  • Loving it! Do you still need a webdeveloper? A simple design would be no problem ;)

  • So good that I can't turn it off

  • Cool! But... when something is plugged in in the audio port, the alarm goes off at very low volume.(or even at zero volume level..) If this problem is fixed, this app would be even more great. PS / I wanna try to translate this app into Korean. How can I do that?

  • sweet! Need only one more thing, and it would be perfect!

  • Great work. Don't forget to pair your remote control.

  • very nice and comfortable. instead of a password, its possible to lock the computer with the remote. maybe in the future, it will be possible to use a bluetoot enabled cellphone as a id (if the cellphone is near -> unlock, no cellphone means locked state, no worries about anything)

  • The software is great! though I have an idea for a feature that should not be so hard to implement (maybe it already exists). I would like to be able to take a picture and send it via mail through a terminal command. If my computer is stolen (and iAlertU was not active) I have a DNS updating service and ssh always on so I can login as long as my computer is online. It would then be great to have that feature in order to get a picture of the crook!-)

  • v0.3.1b works PERFECTLY on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard! This latest version is dated November 29, 2009. Previous 'useless' reviewers were using old versions. All MacBooks should have this app! So GRAB THIS NOW! I <3 it!

  • Great idea, but doesn't work at all on Snow Leopard. Alarm shuts off after seconds, photo is taken but not sent,

  • It's an awesome thing, it just needs to be updated for Snow Leopard

  • Useless on Snow Leopard.

  • Crashes on Snow Leopard