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  • Lo uso desde la primerísima versión. Soy guitarrista, desde mis inicios, Hydrogen ha sido una herramienta constante e imprescindible. Gracias al todo el equipo que hizo posible esta pequeña maravilla y espero pronto compartir mis samples y música con todos ustedes. Mis mejores deseos. Mike Leviathan

  • This is best program I luckily stumbled upon that does exactly what I was looking to do. I am using it to program drum patterns and practice exercises. Works awesome for that. A great supplementary tool. Handy, quick and easy also for inputting tab to see if it sounds right or remotely close. Can suit these purposes for other instruments as well I suppose. I love just automating a practice routine as a song and it takes itself through different patterns and tempo changes which is real handy. I wish it had a couple of features, but I make do making simple scripts to auto edit the XML files like doing mass bpm changes. Sucks when you mess those XMLs up trying to manually edit. (There is a reason I avoid data entry work) but I have the structure pretty well learned.

  • I am impressed, it is perhaps the best drum machine I've experienced. Happy, the beta version is available for Windows too.

  • THX ,

  • Wonder tool

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  • Hi I'm using Hydrogen 9.7. on Win 10 - it's just great - except FX everything works very stable - with a little bit excel and other small tools it's even easy to make your own kits - import/export of drumkits need a bit of help, but then work - probably the best tool for making drums - even for live -

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  • Great drums, been waiting for so long, Excellent! Recommend to anyone seeking freedom to create.

  • I like to record music as a hobby, but my biggest roadblock has always been that I can't play drums or get my hands on the right software. Hydrogen is a GODSEND for me. If you've used any other music software or written music before, this is so intuitive that you don't have to teach yourself ANYTHING to use it. Using Hydrogen, I made some MIDIs in less than 5 minutes and simply dragged them into my DAW to both patch them and use them in my project. The sounds came to life in an instant! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Nonetheless, I think there's one minor issue. Trying to scroll vertically through your pattern will immediately reset the horizontal position back to the far left. It can get quite annoying when trying to make longer patterns, although using the arrow keys seems to bypass the issue.

  • Hydrogen is perfect! Thanks.

  • This is a REALLY GOOD software with all the basic functions. I wish it had more functionality though. I am gonna use it mainly for my BeatBuddy guitar pedal drum machine thingy- it should actually go well with this program I think. I really need something simple like this program. I highly recommend it!! Not as advanced as the more advanced programs though, but still REALLY GOOD!!!

  • loved it

  • I updated from 0.9.7preview version to 0.9.7beta2 and now the kits I made with the preview version no longer work

  • I have used Hydrogen for years, and it has always been a favorite. But since this update, everything in the program sounds like it is coming through an absurd amount of reverb. I simply cannot even use it.

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  • Hydrogen is perfect! Thanks.

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  • very good drummachine

  • very good project, thanks!

  • I like drums, and I like Hydrogen

  • this could turn up nice. It needs a better interface. Along with a more accurate pattern indicator. Does this have a Vst comparability?

  • Excellent software!

  • great product- my neighbours are near madness :)

  • Realmente me encanta! Verry fácil de usar, con resultados asombrosos. El sonido drumkits verry bien, y no hay ningún problema más grande, incluso para los novatos absolutos como yo, para llegar a ser peligroso tambor de animales de la misma. Drumkits Adicionales se puede cargar desde la web. Y espero que llegará un poco de nuevo en el futuro. Pero los que son allready en el mismo son también maravilloso. No quiero perder!

  • I loved it. Great works and no problems.

  • Useful software, Thank you team Hydrogen.

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  • No project as it is not very much.

  • Great project! Thanks for amazing work!

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