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  • v2.6 - The font size is so small it's unusable on Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10. Don't bother downloading v2.6 until this issue is fixed.

  • The text is too small on windows 10 and screen resolution at 1920x1080

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  • Made an account just to give this the lowest possible rating. Wasted over three days trying to debug an embedded system which was never broken. This software incorrectly displayed the binary files I was using. It wasn't until a colleague opened some of my binaries in a different editor. He said "you're not going to like this", because his editor correctly read the binary and revealed the system was working the whole time.

  • This is a GREAT hex editor! For some reason the default font is microscopic, but you can change that in VIEW > OPTIONS > Font. I REALLY LOVE the dark color themes! So much easier on the eyes! And the ability to paste clipboard data as different data types is VERY handy as well. Just one wish... to add compare functions (or maybe I haven't discovered them yet?)

  • Text is too small without anyway to change the size or zoom in. Really?! This whole point is TO SEE THE VALUES, making this "project", "tool", "P.O.S." an absolute failure.

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  • best free hex editor, hope development will continue

  • Taking off two stars specifically for the uselessly small default font. Nearly gave up with this thing until I found that I can change to a legible font under View -> Options. Other than that, so far it's doing what I need.

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  • Thank you for the good program

  • The font used by the application can be changed under menu: View -> Options... I did also have the problem with a very small font, but selecting another font solved that problem.

  • I can't even see the text so that I can edit it... It looks like 2pt font, and there's no way for me to make it larger or smaller.

  • Yes, it's a good program, and useful. I appreciate that it knows what Intel Hex files are, which apparently HxD does not. But I can't figure out how to "un-highlight" bytes that were highlighted via "Crypto>Byte occurence". The highlighting persists, even after closing the program down and re-opening it. Somewhat maddening. Also, there seems to be very little support now (2014).

  • Office suite very well designed for both the amateur and the professional.Thumbs up

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  • Good and useful software

  • Runs smoothly

  • great software! :)

  • very good project

  • It is a fast and functional tool. Thank you!

  • I have used Hexplorer for years and love it. Every machine I build gets this put on it. I use it in conjunction with Notepad++ when editing files; it rocks for peering inside files, doing hex Search-and-Replace operations (especially when working with end-of-line characters) and using the copy-as-hex feature to allow copy/pasting of sections that contain null characters. One feature I'd improve - when doing a massive SAR operation, perhaps of thousands of characters, I'd rather that the Ctrl-Z Undo feature undid them as a group, rather than one at a time...

  • Excellent application: it is appearing on more and more of the machines at work since I started spreading the word. Agree with other reviewer, you'll want to change the default font unless you have bionic eyes!