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This file could also be called the change log. v1.6.1 - INTEL Only!!!! No more PPC. - Requires OS X 10.5 or greater. - Update to Xcode 4.5. - Get Radar working again. - Fix alignment with Extended Forecast. - Add Show Humidity option. - Remove white dot in Mission Control. v1.5.6 - Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible. - Update find cities location. - Start Intel 64 bit version. v1.5.5 - Correct French localization (thanks to xf75013). - Corrected a problem reading an older preference file. - Correct a problem where only the last of multiple weather alerts were being sent to the alert. v1.5.4 - Remove Wunderground and NWS in weather.xml. It was causing crashes when adding new city. - Reset Xcode 3.2.6 architecures to regain PPC support. v1.5.3 - Add Portuguese localization. - Some attempt to fix formatting of "Forecasts on one line" - Add SMS Alert. Similar to email but less verbose. - Start to re-add Wunderground.com and NWS. v1.5.2 - Fixed "Add City" name parsing. - Move weather link for alerts to beginning of message. If message was texted and city name was long, link was getting broken. - Fix ZIP for "Add City" search. - Corrected "Import this cities preferences" to read "Import this city's preferences" - bug 3015765 - Add city name list now displays up to 25 cities (yes the text wrong) v1.5.1 - Fixed "Forecast - Link". - Radar Image is now a hyperlink. - Fixed distance to allow global units. - German localization updates - Japanese localization updates - Fixed memory leaks - Fixed crash on 10.3 systems - Restored 9 day forecasts v1.5.0 - Latest weather.com site changes (3 Mar 10). - Added a hyperlink link to weather alert message. - Fixed some radar display bugs. - Fixed hyperlink for Web Support Group. - Update build version. - Restored full browser based "Weather For" URL, no longer the mobile version. - Major localization updates, now easier to add new localles. - Added Italian localization thanks to "asdesign", partially incomplete. - German localization is partially incomplete (always was). - Meteo will now auto quit when going to the web server to download a new version. - Re-added UV Index and Visibility, delete and re-add city if they are not in acceptable order. - Clicking on a weather alert in the menu will take you to a web page with details. - Radar will not take up more then 1/3 of the width of your display, if you have too many menu bar items on a smaller width display, radar may be clipped. Perhaps a future update to control actual size. - Corrected missing highlight bar on 10.3 and 10.4 systems. - Now only gets up to 5 days of forecast weather regardless of requested value (weather.com split data onto two pages). v1.4.9 - Fixed weather.com server support. - Re-implemented alerts. - Larger radar images (mostly weather.com changes). - Add option to display or not display message to the console. - Updated city parser. v1.4.2 - Fixed a bug where the rain icon was displayed during snow flurries - Fixed a bug where Meteo crashed after wakeup - Fixed an interface glitch regarding the enabling of Global Units - Fixed the ability to change the pressure units v1.4.1 - NSLogs are redirected to Meteo.log inside ~/Library/Logs. - Fixed weather.com server support. - New "Default City" of Cupertino, CA (thanks for the idea, wadetemp). - Fixed Dock support. - Meteo can once again automatically check for updates. - The UV Index and Visibility attributes are not longer available as part of the current conditions (because of how weather.com has changed its website). - Many new forecast attributes are available for extended forecast. v1.4.0 - Identical to version 1.4.0b3 v1.4.0b3: (never released) - in solution to the various "it just quits" bugs v1.4.0b2: - Uses CURLHandler instead of NSURLHandler to download internet content. - Ability to paste the URL of a weather page into the search box (from weather.com only) if "Perform Search" does not work. v1.4.0b2: - Fixed SourceForge Bug #976396 "ZIP code searches do not return results" - Fixed SourceForge Bug #975997 "Temperature is reading Celsius for Fahrenheit" - Fixed SourceForge Bug #975970 "Button state problems on "Cities" tab of Preferences" - Fixed SourceForge Bug #977146 "Minor UI element glitches when editing and updating a city." - Fixed SourceForge Bug #976035 "Menu bar menu inaccessible if Meteo launched as Startup Item" - Fixed _initWithWindowNumber "crash" on close - Fixed low/hi issues for the current night under extended forecast. - Fixed SourceForge Bug #977204 "Reset to defaults doesn't redraw menubar." - Fixed SourceForge Bug #978127 "Main menu's 'High' and 'Low' inconsistent with Forecast" - Fixed SourceForge Bug #978268 "Unicode/Ascii discrepancies" - Fixed SourceForge Bug #976396 "ZIP code searches do not return results" - Fixed SourceForge Bug #977789 "Weird redraw bug." v1.4.0b: - First build by JoeCrow - Changed text in city editor to "City or Zip Code Search" instead of "City search" - Got rid of second popup "weather info." - Rearranged and Renamed buttons for Preferences Window. - Fixed SourceForge Bug #975925 "Weather Items can't be reordered.." - Fixed SourceForge Bug #975943 "Invalid input for update intervals will crash meteo" - Fixed SourceForget Bug #975941 "Changes to update interval prefs. cannot be applied. - Made the city editor open up as a sheet. - Fixed SourceForge Bug #975946 "City Editor dialog gets stuck open" - Fixed sourceforge bug #976055 "'Date' field makes forecasts incorrect/incomplete." v1.3.1 - First SourceForge team build - Bug fixes in startup code - Bug fixes in parsers v1.3.0 - The last update from HEAT - All weather servers should work again v1.2.9 - Updated homepage link to go straight to sourceforge - Fixed annoying problem where loading icon would stay in menubar - Weather Alerts window will now always stay visible - Fixed trailing nulls problem v1.2.8 - Fixed Wunderground Forecast parsing - Fixed version number problems in 1.2.7 - Fixed problem where forecast would skip every other day - Fixed problem where thermometer in dock would not display celsius info properly - Note: Helvetica-Bold and a white color look really good in Dock mode - Bug: Seattle has a weird NWS format and currently can't be parsed correctly; this may apply to other cities as well - Added cool new loading animation (thanks Adam!) in menu bar v1.2.7 - Updated parsing engine for new Wunderground format - Meteo will no longer continuously reposition itself on the left of the menu bar after being launched - Fixed Weather Alerts - the music plays on now! - Fixed problem where Wunderground forecast info wasn't being relayed - Fixed problem where no icon was shown in the menu bar - Weather Alert window will no longer hide when Meteo deactivates - Updated parsing engine for new city format for NWS - Added wind icons (thanks Adam!) v1.2.6 - "Kill other Meteo" is now an option in the preferences - Temperature data from wunderground and NWS will be mapped as so: low 10's => 12 mid/middle 10's => 15 upper 10's => 18 - Radio buttons for weather alerts are now check boxes - Radio buttons for cycling cities are now check boxes - Removed html garbage and ads that were showing up in extending forecast - Added exception handlers to hopefully prevent MMS (missing menu symptom) - If icons can't be downloaded to /Library/Application Support (requires admin privileges), they will be downloaded to ~/Library/Application Support instead - Changed naming of record and normal hi's and low's - Closing Alerts window now stops music/beeping - Added threading support (experimental) - Improved interlacing of weather data (hopefully fixes problem where Friday Night was before Friday, etc) - Mapped most NWS icons correctly - Pressure shouldn't be reported as a wind attribute anymore - NWS will now relay current forecast info again - Because NWS and Wunderground don't provide a current weather image, Meteo looks at the first forecast image for those servers, explaining why some users get a moon image during the day; I'll look into a better way for the future v1.2.5 - Added "Kill other Meteo" on launch feature (only effects 1.2.5 and later) - Made Wunderground.com the default server, Weather.com the last - Fixed problem some people where having with extended forecast and Wunderground.com - Changed "Load New Data" to "Refresh" - Added awesome new icons: BIG THANKS TO ADAM BETTS! - Moved icons to /Library/Application Support/Meteo - Icons now only need to be downloaded once instead of each time you download Meteo - Noted bug - sometimes the hi is really the low and vice versa for Weather.com - Added option to disable weather servers that you have already looked your city up on - Meteo now displays its name in the Dock instead of its version number - Improved NWS parser (again) - Nights are back for extended forecasts - Rearranged the preferences again, deleting one tab - Added Meters per second - Added "Grouping" feature - check out the "Weather Items" tab and hit the "+" button to see - Fixed bug that limited city search results - Added character cap that prevents menus from being too wide (doesn't effect inlined forecasts) - Added Weather Alerts tab to preferences v1.2.4 - Updated Meteo for new and improved Weather.com format... (sigh) - Fixed "string out of bounds" error that would sometimes cause Meteo to not display a menu - About tab now allows user to scroll in text fields - Potentially fixed problems people where having with corrupted preferences - Added Hectopascal unit for pressure readings - Added better radar and NWS image caching for faster updates - Added preference to change embedding of controls (Quit, etc) v1.2.3 - Fixed update bug where after changing the order of cities, Meteo would stop displaying any menu at all - Fixed bug where Meteo would have no title or image when launched with no internet connectivity - Fixed bug where cities looked up in NWS system would have first two letters truncated - Fixed bug related to importing other city weather items - Shrunk preference window to help out people with prefer lower resolutions - Added About tab to preferences - Merged cycling controls into Units tab - Added Knots to speed units - Fixed several little bugs in city editor - Fixed bug where if the main city (the one showing in the menu bar), then two instances of the main city will appear - one in the menu bar and one in the menu below - "Update Menu Now" button will cycle the active cities now only if the cycle mode is activated in the preferences - Created "Group" for users to post comments and concerns: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/heat_software/ - Forecast inlining is off by default now - Fixed bug where if a user had radar images on, wunderground active, and wunderground didn't have radar images, then no weather info was displayed at all - Removed pointless 10th day forecast option - Improved NWS parser engine (again) - Cycling should now work better now - Added NWS radar images v1.2.2 - Increased the maximum menu bar font size to 24 - Fixed odd dragging behavior (use to be more like swap) - Fixed problem where forecast items looked like they could be dragged to the current weather table. - Added City Switcher menu item - Added proper city cycling preference, as well as cycling to new active cities preference - Fixed problem where data would be shown twice for inlined forecasts (only effects newly created cities - this behavior can be fixed manually in the City Editor window, under the Weather items tab for existing cities). - Combined City Window with Preference window. - Re-implemented Link support - Improved the Wunderground.com and NWS parser engine, meaning more info from these servers and fewer instances of displaying garbage - Added support for Radar Images (Wunderground.com and Weather.com) - Updated for new Weather.com format v1.2.1 - Fixed Moon Rise and Moon Set not always showing - Fixed Wind not showing in Kilometers per Hour when it should - Added displaying forecast items inline (one line) - Added Font size controls for the menu bar - Fixed a bug in the Wunderground city search (skipping every other result) - I have learned how to spell Version again... :sigh: - Fixed bug where NWS weather lookup would cause Meteo to lock up on launch - Fixed bug where dragging cities or weather items in a certain way could cause them to disappear - Added global unit controls - Added warning window when a user tries to add a city without performing a lookup on any of the weather servers - Added auto-fill of City Search field - Fixed bug that prevented Meteo from working right on 10.1.5 - Added dialog window asking if a user wants to save unsaved preferences when quitting - Menu bar item now highlights when clicked on - Old data is still displayed even after a loss of network connectivity: servers that did not retrieve enough information are shown in the cities window as being grayed out. - Added Instructions.rtf file; it's still a little rough around the edges - Improved the overall interface; keep suggestions coming! v1.2.0 - Added multiple, simultaneous city support - Added multiple city cycling (first two cities, then next two, etc) - Added version checking and server error checking on launch - Added multiple, simultaneous server support (Weather.com, Wunderground.con, and NWS) - Get info from any of these servers... - Or get info from all these servers at the same time! - Improved menu layout - Added individualized unit controls - Made Forecast and Current Weather items be set on a per city basis - Fixed potential bug where nothing would display in the menu bar - Fixed bug where a drop down menu would not always be displayed - Lost some features (Clicking on the city name now does not open up a browser... this be a challenge, especially in Dock mode) - Still missing: Much of the extended forecast info off of NWS and Wunderground Better data formating Additional Icon sets A more "global" icon - Several things I'm sure I forgot v1.1.9 - Fixed parsing engine for Weather.com (silly Weather.com) v1.1.8 - Re-aranged the preferences in a much clear way (thanks for the mock ups Joshua Ochs!) - Temperature data will now always be displayed with the degree symbol (¡) - It works again: Weather.com changed their format a little, so I had to tweak my algorithm to compensate. I apologize for the delay. v1.1.7 - The icon set is now complete (thanks Sara Romini!) - feel free to create your own icon sets and email me - I'll mirror them on my website - "Bad" info will no longer be displayed... really. - One cavet to the above: the temperature always has to be displayed (so it will show up as N/A) - If valid data use to exist, new data which is corrupt will be discarded and the meteo icon will be given a red hue... really. - Preference changes now have to be applied by pushing a button - this helps out slower systems that couldn't handle applying preferences each time one was changed - Made preference layout cleaner, while making the Update tab seem more naked (what else can I put there?) v1.1.6 - Fixed bug where forecast information was displayed in the opposite format than the preferences indicated - Fixed bug where the icon in the menu would eventually become a solid red color - Improved error range when converting between SI and Metric - Hi and lo temperaturers, when displayed inline, will now be ordered hi and then lo - Added interface (not implementation yet) for using other weather sources, including combining the data from multiple sources - Added short name column to cities table: this editable column allows the displayed city name to be user defined - Added ability to reorder cities table - No more spelling errors! - Unlimited visibility will no longer be displayed as 0 - The first forecast info is now Today's or Tonight's info, not tomorrows - There are now 10 instead of 9 forecast days - Changed Vision to Visibility - Except for in a few cases, data recieved from weather.com which is useless (i.e. N/A) will not be displayed - Even more, and higher quality, icons where added, accounting for the increase in size of the download v1.1.5 - Found and fixed bug that prevented 10.2.x version from working on 10.1.x; it was a problem with loading images by URL - Added better handling of bad data, hopefully preventing some of the crashes users have been seeing - Meteo will now load local images instead of the ugly weather.com images... as soon as there are images - I have a few people volunteering their time, but please be patient, as there are over 40 images to make in people's free time - Added new, spiffy image for Meteo, created by Flavio Andrade. Thanks a ton! - Added preference validation routine which should make it unneccessary to ever trash your preferences again - Bug in "dock mode" that prevents active location from being represented with a check mark in the "Location Switcher" menu has been noted - it's an Apple thing, I have no control over this behavior. This also prevents images from being displayed in the dock menu. - Added tool tip to menu bar - holding the mouse over Meto in the menu bar will now display a little yellow box indicating the location of the currently active city - Local images for the menu's and menu bar are of size 16 by 16, and for the dock icon are of size 128 by 128 (when local images become available) - Added better centering for different sizes and menu fonts (it's not perfect - some fonts will simply not look good) - Made LucidaGrande size 14 the default menu font - Meteo icon will now be displayed in the dock icon or menu bar if no image can be found for the current weather - Menu bar and dock icon will have a red hue whenever the last info downloaded from the server was bad - if there was previous data that was good, that will be displayed instead - Reorganized preferences some more (thanks for the suggestion Ronald Leroux) - Added preference to not show degree symbols after temperatures - Added instructions on how to run multiple versions of meteo that will display different cities v1.1.4a - Special build for 10.1.5 (shouldn't be necessary in the future, yay!) - Fixed part of the problem about Meteo crashing on launch v1.1.4 - Precipitation in todays weather no longer tries to do some silly metric conversions - Fixed problem where pressure preference somehow controlled temperature preference instead - City codes should no longer get cut off in the two tables - Updated the Problems.txt file - Added reset defaults button to preferences (no more trashing the Meteorologist.plist file!) - Multiple kilometers are now displayed as km instead of kms - Made display of dates look better (i.e Sun, Sep 22 10:36 PM) - Location tables now allow you to resize (although not reorder) their contents - Clarified that Dock font/image controls relate to the icon, not the menu - Removed "Font Name" popup button from Menu Display preference tab - I have no idea why that was there - Added preferences to change the font and size of the text displayed in the menu bar (not the menu items) - Clicking on the menu bar item now properly highlights the item - Images size better in menu bar - Created RoadMap.txt v1.1.3 - NOTE: Meteo only *officially* works on 10.2. Users having problems with N/A (to my knowledge) have only been using 10.1.5. I plan to build a version on a 10.1.5 machine I make at work in a week to compensate - Added metric supprot for wind, visibility, and pressure - Added ability to rearrange the order of the current day's long range forecast's menu items - Added hi, low, and precipitation directly to the current weather information area - Removed first day in long range forecast (it was essentially redundant), so there is only 9 now - Added ability to group todays weather data in a sub menu - Added option to cycle through the set of choosen units - Added option to display the current city name (or not), weather icon (or not), and temperature (or not) in the menu bar - Added option to disable displaying temperature in the dock v1.1.1-2 - Temperatures in Celsius no longer have long trailing decimal places - All menu items are dark black instead of some of them being light gray - Added progress bar when obtaining possible matches to desired cities - Error message now displays when searching for the code for a city that doesn't exist - Added field to "New Location" window that indicates the city behind the code (takes affect after next location set) - City Lookup now works even if that city is the only one in the world with that name - City Lookup now supports cities with spaces - Preferences are a little cleaner - Added support for multiple locations - Simplified process for looking up locations - Auto-update works again - Fixed spelling errors (percipitation != precipitation) - Added ability to display last update time in menu - Added *potential* fix for people who are behind firewalls - If an update fails (except for the first attempt), bad data will not be displayed - Preferences are wiped if you used an older version - sorry, but it was neccessary - Preference added to change the minutes between updates from 1 to 120 v1.1 - Added international weather support - Added City Lookup function to "New Location" window (not threaded, yet) - Fixed bug when converting from Celsius to Fahrenheight (rounding error) - Meteorologist has always updated every 15 minutes - now it's documented :) v0.0.0 - v1.0.x - Much was done, little was recorded
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-11-24

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