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The latest version of the HEALPix package (3.31) offers the following new features: General * Detailed HOWTO for installation under Windows; * Interactive configure script now supports MINGW environment (for Windows), and better detects gcc and python versions; * Improved cross-document linking in PDF documentation. C++ * Removal of C++11 features inadvertently introduced in Version 3.30 (see Fortran 90 facilities and subroutines * Bug correction in input_map routine for reading of polarized multi-HDU cut sky FITS files; * Introduction of winfiledir_* and windowfile_* qualifiers in alteralm facility. IDL * Improved support for GDL; * update of the required IDL-astron library routines, and Coyote library routines (2016-08-19). Python * Switch to healpy 1.9.1 (CHANGELOG) + Removed C++ 11 features + Streamlined + Plotting fixes for Python 3 + Numpy 1.10 fix _______________________________________________________________________________ Download information Healpix_3.31_2016Aug26.tar.gz: MD5 c0dc75e57f237b634fec97df55997918 SHA1 6815ba67a0fd20c97e635340bfcbddcbf533bd59 MD5 835653b1f0cb17f4443e9f275aa10783 SHA1 e78c48d210dd1c7b0dbf134df39d3bc8bc9806ca SVN url: svn:// SVN revision: 845 _______________________________________________________________________________
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