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HEADSORT is like unix sort(1) and mostly compatible $ cat txt | headsort | head # begins streaming most rapidly $ headsort -k7,7 # can sort only column 7 (sort does all cant turn it off) can reduce sort time by multiples for multiple -k + choose sort algorithm (or add one!), several to try To extract do this: # tar -xzf headsort-4.1.3.tar.gz To build do this: # cd headsort-4.1.3 # sh ./configure # make # make install For quick help do this: # headsort -h # man headsort ERRATA: $ headsort -I Shows an extra help table in /usr/share/headsort.txt If you change ./configure --dataroot [PREFIX/share] headsort will not find headsort.txt until you provide a softlink there. This is because i've seen @FOO@ variously fail for some pkg that older automake and wish it not to become a build fail problem (rather than a simple file not found issue a user can resolve). and see READMEs ---------------------- ChangeLog, last two headsort (4.1.3) stable; urgency=low * with casual use it seems stable but needs methodical boundary testing * added 'hsort2' alg. improvement, a dimension reduction before/after sort (by dist_count propery) 27 28 31 are faster head and tail, and less complex (31 now has two dimension reductions, already had 0-field reduction) older 27 28 31 (sans improvement) will simply drop in their slot if defined * added 'hsort.c' program in EXTRA_DIST which is much smaller/less complex 'mini sort', a demo how one can use hsort alg. in a foreign prog easier than (trying to grab from headsort). (hsort has useful benefits, a few caveats, and almost as fast input read; see its #defines choices) * added for -m merge removed reliance on sentinel, closure is by slot removal * old: sentinel, while comparing output with new situational disorder (it was beleived that file order corrected, now unsure it would in all cases). Despite that an offending line of code was replaced also better sentinel key used; though sentinel is disabled by default. -- John Hendrickson <> Tue, 15 Mar 2016 14:35:46 -0400 headsort (4.1.2) unstable; urgency=low * re-enabled -F27 as default "plain line sort" if no reason not to had been shut off due to lack of checking, any end-user confusion as so -- John Hendrickson <> Fri, 02 Jan 2015 09:05:00 -0500
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