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HDSleeper ========= SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED AS IS, NO WARRANTY, NO RESPONSIBILITIES! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! ========= Distributed under the GPL v3 license ========= A simple menu bar application that quickly allows to mount and unmount hard-drives. Primarily aimed at Macbook owners who replaced the superdrive with a secondary hard-drive, something that many people seem to do when upgrading to an SSD. 1. Installation Drag the application to your Applications folder 2. Usage Run, right click on Icon on menubar and select Preferences, set as required. Use "Unmount" to put hard-drives to sleep, "Mount" to wake up. ======== FAQ Q: I can't see the application icon in the Dock? A: There is none, it's a menu bar application, look in the menu bar for a orange-like hard-drive icon. Q: How long is a piece of string? A: 42 ======== Complaints, feedback, requests: patrick [AT] latahpixel [DOT] com
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