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  • one of the best of its kind

  • Installed x64, when installing choose the Russian language. First translation is not complete, since the confirmation window download entirely in English. It would be better the other way around, but he was transferred. You add a torrent, but the download does not start, even in the list does not appear. These torrents are loaded without any problems other torrent clients.

  • One of the best torrent clients I've ever used. Has IP filtering, allows selection of what files you want to download from the torrent after it's added (be nice if this was able to be done before adding the torrent to the download list), also works nicely with VPN's like Private Internet Access without having errors. Also has all the features I could possibly want. To me this IS the best torrent client. Considering it's only beta, it's incredible.

  • Cool

  • Great little client! It does the job. Personally I have these comments: * I like to sort my downloads by Date Added. This is missing. Start and Finish time is present, but that's not really the same. Also, when sorting on these column, next time the client start, they entries are mixed up again... * A torrent can have several files, and quite often I don't need all of them. You can change the priority to 'Do Not Download', but I experienced a few times that these files are then downloaded the next time the client is started, even though they are still set to Do Not Download. * I guess it's quite normal that a part of an adjacent file is also downloaded, even though it was set to Do Not Download. What I dislike is that Halite then puts this partly downloaded file amongst the the other files without being able to distinct complete/incomplete files. Of course, in case of a zip for example, the decompression client will then tell you the file is corrupt/incomplete. Imo it's better to discard that file, or to make it visible in the filename/extension it's incomplete.

  • Almost perfect. The only thing that needs improvement is to stop using the Windows folder selection dialog, and use the standard file selection instead. It is much more usable (can copy/paste paths, uses the Places/Favorites Bar, etc)...

  • Why isn't this project being updated!!!!!!! I've ran through numerous torrent clients and this one is by far the best out there just needs some revisions! the speeds were naturally faster than even the famous utorrent keep updating this gem!!

  • this is a great project, simple and lightweight, and it's great that after 3 years it has been decided to keep it alive. I've tested the version 0.3.4 on WindowsXP SP3 and it seems that the graphical problems still appear, hope this gets fixed xD

  • Halite is excellent! Thanks.

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  • Como decimos en español. Bueno-Bonito-Barato. Sigan asi

  • Finally, the long wait is over. New version of this excellent bittorrent client is here, rejoice! :) @developer Please keep this wonderful project alive by doing more frequent updates. It's time for Halite to shine! Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

  • easy to use,fast and portable...

  • The UI doesn't refresh the bottom part when it should on my windows XP machine. Dragging the horizontal divider refreshes the interface.

  • very good project

  • Spent years using other clients. Finally one that works, no muss, no fuss. Halite rules, with 64 bit version and I get max speed within 1-2 minutes! In the end, faster is what matters in P2P software. Leaving more time to share, which is very important to most of us.

  • 64 needs to be improved, leader at the geeks-community so far =P

  • I have tried all of the clients..Utorrent etc. By far Halite is the fastest client

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  • Great client with 64bit version!

  • Halite is a nice torrent client. I catch the best speeds with Halite :) Halite comes in many languages to a city near you :D

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