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  • A very nice RPG time based on java. However, you'll need to downgrade to 0.5.1 version if you get the following error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to net.minidev.json.JSONObject at net.sf.hale.util.SimpleJSONParser.initialize( at net.sf.hale.util.SimpleJSONParser.<init>( at net.sf.hale.Config.<init>( at net.sf.hale.Game.main( Besides that, very, very nice game. Worth playing, besides graphics being taken from Battle For Wesnoth (or even better if you're a fan?)

  • Hale is a fun "Wesnoth style" hex-tile TBS with even more potential campaigning, the main Pale Pass triple campaign follows a great script. It's very well balanced, thought through, and perfectly paced for many hours of play. Character Parties are a choice of pre-made or user made/generated. Combat suitable for all strategy role-players of D&D style and beyond, it seamlessly switches out of individual turns to real-time party movement between combats. Features: Levels of Classes, Skills, Abilities, Magic, Enchanting, Alchemy, and even Crafting. Good UI, beautiful graphics (à la Wesnoth), programming is clean and very well commented, possible modding easy, plays with no gaps, graphically immersive, needs sound imho, project support and attention is excellent! Coded in Java with extensive use of Json files.

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  • Good game. Well documented code. nice job.

  • Could not get it to build. Maybe you should include the libs required to compile game.

  • Maybe you can create 3D engine? 2D - is oldstyle, oldschool....

  • Wow! I downloaded Hale, played through the tutorial, and poked through the editor and the game data. I really like what I see! I have often wished for an open source turn-based RPG like this. This is a project that deserves a lot more exposure, IMHO.

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  • A nice little game

  • A great beginning, simple to play, complicated to master.