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------ V3.0 ------ GUNZIP NOW REQUIRES ONLY 2K bytes instead of 16K bytes thanks to the "puff" code from Mark Adler (available in zlib sources) FIXED BUG : running zip() several times may lead to bad gzip data (crc/len error) Added outmaxsize parameters to limit output size input_data_size now can be used to limit data read from a file descriptor Enhanced input and output error checking Moved constant arrays to text section by declaring them as "const" (saves RAM by moving them to flash when running code from flash) Enhanced demo messages and error checking ------ V2.1 ------ gunzip on the fly processing now support any size of data supplied (at least on byte :-) ) ------ V2.0 ------ Cleanup of code Added ZIP_OUTMINBLKSIZE and ZIP_OUTBUSIZ to gzip.h Added UNZIP_OUTMAXBLKSIZE and UNZIP_OUTMINBLKSIZE to write to devices not supporting some restricted blocksizes Optimized memory usage for gunzip : only 16KB now required if output to a device supporting lseek() Optimized memory usage for gunzip : - use a smaller inbuf for gunzip compared to gzip - 32KB window no more used when unziping to memory Now only 16KB is required to gunzip from memory to memory + 32KB when not to memory + 0,5KB when not from memory (input buffer) ------ V1.2 ------ Reduced memory requirement for gunzip : - 56KB by removing usage of outbuf - 48KB by bypassing inbuf when gunzip from memory ------ V1.1 ------ - put memory allocations specific to zip or unzip in zip.c or unzip.c - updated README with memory requirements - reduced memory requirement with option VERY_SMALL_MEM_NO_COMPAT_WITH_STD_GZIP ------ V1.0 ------
Source: README.txt, updated 2011-07-23