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  • I'm in love with guvcview! Does everything I need it to I'm using a Logitech C920.

  • It looks good, but I can not change the settings from webcam to videograbber (With Debian 8 and Linu Mint 17.1). I hoped that with this program I could capture my movies from my camcorder on my netbook*. Now I have to do it with windows :( * my camcorder has Firewire, AV out and S-video, my desktop computer has a Firewire card and grabs with dvgrab all my movies. Some times it is easier to use my netbook (when I am not at home) but this one has no Firewire.

  • It works right away with my Logitech C920.

  • Works perfectly on my LMDE installation. I intend to use this code as a subsystem for a project I'm starting.

  • The answer to my webcam recording needs in Linux Mint. Superior to Cheese, by far.

  • Very nice, it just works. Ubuntu "Saucy" 13.10. Has a nice range of features. The only thing lacking that I would like is the option of a Qt interface rather than a GTK one. I would love to see more video filters in the future, such as a cartoon effect.

  • Fast and simple.

  • works great.

  • I've been using guvcview for many years. It's really good to get an overview of what a camera can do and what controls are available. Also very useful as control panel while something else, e.g. a gstreamer pipeline is capturing and processing the video.

  • I'm sorry but this app is still not ready for prime time. For a while all I could get it to do was crash every time I started to record video. Just got 1.5.3-ubuntu2~oneiric~ppa1 today. Now it's back to recording but skipping frames badly. Record for 3:00, get 2:30 long jerky output file. Makes no difference what format, codec or player I use. i5-760, 8GB of 1.3GHz RAM, nVidea 9600GT, Xubuntu 11.10 Oneiric 64bit.

  • Very useful application to test and experiment with UVC webcams.

  • Отличная программа для видеосъёмки и фотографирования веб-камерой со множеством настроек. Использую в Salix OS (Slackware) с камерой Logitech Webcam C210. Благодарю авторов и разработчиков!