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  • Guitarix has been around for years, if you try to take their X-stereo preamp out of my hands, I'll yell very loud :) Seriously, guys, with the MOD coming? You fucking blues.

  • Capable of producing some great guitar and bass tones, though has a somewhat steep learning curve.

  • This was another surprise, and a good one, too... It does take a very basic understanding of Jack to hook it up, but there is a choice of Guitarix/Jack tutorials on YouTube. Just be sure that your mixer has the levels turned up enough to hear things, and use (eg) Qjacktctl to connect the audio input and outputs to the system. Simples I had the audio too far up, and needed to hit the mute quickly due to feedback. Once hooked up, it works really well. Pretty darn intuitive... Trying it on an assortment of machines the main variable was the background noise - an HP netbook with 'Beats Audio' was OK, straightforward hissy input noise due to a piezo pickup mismatched to a (supposedly) Mic input with a pretty low impedance. An ancient desktop with an anonymous sound card was very good indeed. A 17" Dell Inspiron was quieter than the HP, but had issues with assorted CPU noises in the background. If you have similar problems a dedicated USB Guitar Input dongle (or box) is indicated, such as the Behringer 102. Not that cheap, though. This one is recommended by the Rakarrack folks, but there seems to be a wide choice of similar but less expensive options on Amazon. I've had fair results using a Terratec Aureon, intended for use with a microphone. Used it with a simple resistive pad and a potentiometer for gain adjustment. This too seems to have become mysteriously expensive lately. <sigh> There are indications on YouTube that Guitarix can be made to work effectively on a Raspberry Pi, which is exciting! Well worth having a go with this if you are into guitar/ukulele/music stuff. All praise to the devs!

  • The design is terrible if course (it's Linux) :) But the sound is awesome We need more guitar programs in Linux One great app and guitar player will switch to Linux

  • Guitarix is wonderful! The presets produce nice and juicy sound and the variety of effects is fascinating. Thank you so much, keep up the great work!

  • guitarix is fast and easy to use

  • Superb tool, simple and easy to install. Thanks a lot!

  • awesome guitar sounds, especially good stuff in the ampeg modeling section. exceeds the original amps, which is quite something!.

  • Very GOOOD!!!

  • A interesting project with a constant development of new features. Using this I don't need TH2, Amplitube or Guitarig... The sounds performed on GuitariX can be used from mid-produced to professional records... a bit of ecualization and ready to go!

  • +100500 Sounds really heavy!

  • A great guitar amp simulator! New interface is very usefull