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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- GUIDO Engine Library ============== Grame, Centre National de Creation Musicale -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The GUIDO Engine library provides music score layout to client applications. It is based on the GUIDO format and support Guido Music Notation files (gmn) as input but allows to build dynamic scores as well. The library is a C/C++ library supporting MacOS X, GNU-Linux and Windows. Portability is ensured by a set of Virtual Graphic Devices (VGDevice), implemented for each target platform. These devices are included in the binary libraries for MacOS X and Windows. The preferred solution for platform independence is currerntly to use the Qt environment included in this distribution; it provides Qt graphic devices as well as Qt widget especially designed to support guido graphic scores. The GUIDO Engines uses the font 'guido2.ttf' (containing various musical symbols), so you should install this font on your system. The source code of the library is available from sourceforge under the Mozilla Public License (see the license.txt file) See at for more information.
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