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  • Great application, saves a lot of hassle.

  • I use it daily in my company for archiving the complete incoming correspondance

  • I'm a long-time Fedora user, and I'm hear to tell you that the Suse rpm installed on Fedora 25 without errors. The first time I launched it I saw something go by about the required version of libtiff, but it wasn't fatal, and the software works very well, better than I expected, over a wireless connection to an HP Color LaserJet MFC m277dw. The "unpaper" function, especially, is impressive! Update: I chose "Just OK" for Support because I thought I had to choose something, and didn't see "Haven't tried to get support yet" as one of my choices 8^(.

  • Installing gscan2pdf on my machine required 41 extra libraries and utilities, which did not bode well as I am running an XFCE installation trying to keep the OS/program footprint down. After installation, it seemed to scan fairly well, only I could not save anything, no matter what I tried. Unable to save! I could not even copy the picture to the clipboard so in the end I uninstalled gscan2pdf again. I could not easily find a way to specify the area to scan either and as I have a high-resolution A3 scanner, each scan I tried took quite long. As an old hand at Linux, I realise that lately I have felt quite let down by programs surrounding Linux and this experience just compounds my negative sentiment. Perhaps I should stick to Linux on the servers and use a more appropriate system for my desktop. Since this is not a fruit-flavoured machine that leaves me only one real choice. I shudder. Sigh!

  • Brilliant tool. Allows me to get rid of all the paper around the flat. Tesseract also gives reasonably good out of the box OCR.

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  • Have used this program over several years and found it outstanding. just two issues: 1. By default, my Fujitsu scanner only scans the first 279mm of an A4 page. There is a simple fix. Choose manual paper size (which defaults to 279) and scan. Then select A4 and you will get a full A4 scan. Either the Fujitsu firmware or the libsane-perl driver defaults to a less then A4 scan. 2. It would be sooooo nice to have a key combination (ctrl-i?) to initiate a scan. Would much improve my work-flow. Many thanks for an brilliant program.

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  • Very userfriendly and featurerich app. The very first app that makes digital document management a feasable option. I am scanning my entire paper administration, everything through a scanner with ADF. One of the most impressive features is the poor-mans doublesided solution: just scan the bunch of paper, turn arround the stack, tell software that backside is now being scanned and the pages are automagicly sorted in the right order. I was on 0.9.something (std debian pkg) will now try the 1.0.something version. I specificly hope that this will be slightly more multitasking. I would like to save, sort, turn arround and remove scanned pages while the scanner is feeding more to my computer. If it's still not possible I will file a feature request for this (if not already done by someone else). summary: This is a real top app!

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  • Great, I need OCR Text over page image PDF Documents for the way I work. My Photocopier scans to my desktop, and I import into gscan2pdf, (clean up - sometimes) OCR and save as a new pdf. I had been using ReadIris in Wine until now, because it was better. Now I get better results faster with Gscan2pdf and cuniform (LinuxMint) than I was getting with ReadIris. (99% accuracy - actually have not found an error yet) Big Thumbs up from me

  • The application is simple to use and shows a great potential. I have only one advice: why do not add an option to open the OCR resulting file in an external editor (Emacs would be cool)? This would speed up the orthographic corrections due to the presence of the spell checking options. And well, thinking a little more to the editor, maybe an editor managing very easily Unicode characters would be a better choice (even if I love Emacs).

  • I admire the developers but there will be great if this app had a djvu compression!

  • It's good!! but to me, i prefer the OX PDF Creator because it is not only to convert word, excel, ppt, images to pdf, but also can encrypt pdf file and add watermark. I like it.

  • Great and simple tool for scanning to pdf files. With little enhancements it could be used for document scanning - have look at the feature requests.