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  • Used since many years.

  • Grisbi est en français et est français, ce qui fait que son plan comptable est le vrai (pour la France). Il télécharge mes écritures du Cédit Lyonnais ( prestation de la banque) il n'y a pas mieux, à part le cahier et le crayon.

  • I've used Grisbi for years. Recently, I downloaded the latest version to a new MAC, and imported my existing data. I've now gotten to the first month, and tried to reconcile. At the stage of OK, I get an error message: "Reconciliation can't be completed. invalid date" followed by whatever date is used to populate the date field. Can anyone help?

  • bon logiciel, assez complet

  • very good project, thanks!

  • seemed to me quite difficult

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  • Good and useful software

  • Great software, thank you.

  • Amazing project! An Invaluable tool.

  • Reliable and runs smoothly

  • Look at a number of packages to replace MSMoney which could also import .csv bank statements and could be used with Linux and Windows. Grisbi ticked all the boxes, and it was relatively easy to migrate from MS Money functionality wise.

  • Hi. Very interesting solution. I would like to add Ukrainian localisation to it, but unfortunately the domain returns 550 mail delivery error. How can I get in contact with developers? Thank you.

  • I have been using Grisbi for almost 7 years, and even though it's not the most "flashy" software I know, it is simple and efficient for my personal day-to-day accounting, which is exactly what I need!

  • An excellent Project but I woulf love to be able to schedule payments fortnightly am about to download the latest version. I am currently using v0.8.4

  • Wery good project. I'm a recently user. But wy don't you post the latests versions. For exemple for windows to day (04/15/2011) the version is 0.8.5 .

  • very good project

  • It is an excellent tool to manage account. I use it from 8 years ago now and I am very happy to see the development continue on 0.6 branch. I use 0.6rc2 without problem. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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