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  • I've been using Grip for at least a decade straight now, and I have to give a big word of thanks to the guy who took over after the project for several years. I've used it to rip scores of CDs now, and it always works right out of the box, with the type of configuration options that I doubt most commercial programs can begin to compete with, especially the ability to have a consistent file naming system, which is particularly important to me. Having file name consistency makes it significantly easier to know which artist, album, track number, and song I have on my drive with an instant look, with each file name formatted as ARTIST - ALBUM - TRACK_NUMBER - SONG_NAME.mp3. Love this program, and having an open source solution that smokes the commercial versions is just the icing on the cake.

  • Grip had been stagnant for quite some time, but it was still a pretty good & easy to use ripper. Since the project has been re-started by Johnny Solbu there have been some good cleanup/fixup releases and Grip now seems to work better than ever. Downloaded the 3.6.3 tar.gz onto my Suse Leap 42.3 system, did the configure/make/make install routine, and Grip was installed & working better than ever. Very happy to have Grip back in the land of the living. Thanks Johnny !

  • A great app that illustrates a big problem with the GPL & RMS's philosophy: there is no way for an independent developer to make a living in strict open source. Mike Oliphant wrote this app decades ago & it has yet to be equaled IMHO. He has apparently moved on to greener pastures & who can blame him?

  • Still my go-to CD ripper and encoder front-end. Install Date: Sat Aug 30 11:44:02 2008

  • Great app.

  • Fast, small and simple or powerful according to your needs. I never use anything else.

  • Works fantastically, easy to use, a good complete package for cd-ripping and encoding

  • A very complete tool, that supports cdparanoia (3) plugin (the best and only one) But this software is no more supported by Ubuntu... why... don't know... so for me, it's dead

  • Grip is an configurable GUI to encode CDDA.

  • I use this tool since many years and just like it because it is easy to handle and powerful to configure. It is faster than k3b and other tools and it is small. What a pity that it seems not to be maintained anymore. For there would be no extensions needed except for a nicer dialog with presets for the naming of the files.

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