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2012-06-01 version 1.9.9 - Add --cluster option (cluster-robust standard errors) for several estimators; see the User's Guide for details - Add (limited) support for Stata under the "foreign" command - New accessor $ylist: returns the list of endogenous variables from the last system or model estimated - "fcast" command: enable for multinomial logit models - "store" command: respect sample range when exporting data to gretl database format - "graphpg" command: enable printing from script - Mark some more strings for translation - Fix encoding for Polish translation - Fix bug 3525304 - Fix bug: in logging commands entered via the gretl console, options were being omitted - Fix behavior of Ctrl-A in non-editable text windows - Fix breakage of GUI Alt-x command "minibuffer" - "modtest" command with --normality option: make the accessors $test and $pvalue work when the test is done on a VAR - Fix bug: arima initialization could interfere with formation of named lists - Fix bug: nonlinearity test (logs) misbehaving when the original model includes non-positive regressors - Improvements to syntax highlighting in script editor - Numerous small GUI fixes - MS Windows build: update cross-compiler to gcc-4.6.3 - MS Windows build: fix inconsistent zlib headers - Internals: clean up the Minpack sources that we use for nls - GTK 3 support: add some workarounds for GTK 2 features that are no longer properly supported
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