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  • Versatile and stable product but free. The best.

  • I've been using it for several years now.

  • THANK YOU!! This utility is irreplaceable and used by our support teams. So much so that it has become apart of our standing install of tools and utilities. Our appreciation for your hard work and dedication cannot be expressed enough. Keep up the great work & we look forward to your continued efforts.

  • I've tried various programs for making screenshots, and this is the best. Easy to use, lots of useful features (I love speech bubbles and possibility to quickly put numbers on comments), very customizable. Want to say huge thanks to the authors for their amazing work!

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  • The Best there is, Simple, Effective, and Full of the all the features you need and more!

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  • I've tried many screenshot applications but this is by far the best.

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  • The app is really great, I use frequently. Easy to use and many features.

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  • Thanks for your wonderful app :-D

  • This a great alternative to create screen shots. It provides very cool features and is perfect to create quick presentations and tutorials.

  • It's perfect. It lacks only the color picker.

  • very handy

  • Has a very streamlined capture and save/copy/upload process.

  • Very good program for FREE! I can shot my screen and upload it to imgur immediately! Must have application, thank you developers for your efforts :)

  • Great simple app for use for creating screen shots of stuff.

  • I don't know how I ever got along without Greenshot. It's lean, mean, and, presumably... Green. I try to remember to donate 25dollars for it once a year and when I persuade a friend to use it donate for the friend. I've had Greenshot on XP, Vista (Ugh), Win7, Win8 (double ugh); it installs easily despite the Ugh OS's interfering nannying. Lots of options, and I get to choose almost everything: format, quality, title, where to put the shot, and more. Takes a few minutes to decide when setting up, then operation is instant. Tip (maybe): there's a "magnifier" that's turned on by default. If you find it confusing, as I do, right-click on the Greenshot icon in your taskbar tray (you _do_ load Greenshot on startup, don't you?) and turn it off in "preferences."

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  • One of the greatest pieces of software! Would be cool to have a zoom-in function in the editor however.

  • Across the board, a very simple to use and adapt bit of software. I change the hotkeys to F11 (for region) so I can capture flyout menus (Alt or Ctrl kills them) and there are so many options with Greenshot for saving the file, out of the box, that you'd be pretty dumb to pay for anything else. That said, they're more than worthy of a donation, which I did. I figured they did as well as SnagIt, so they got my 50 dollars (USD). Keep at it! Good job!!

  • Must have!

  • Very promising, but lacks scrolling capture which is essential to my work.

  • Great Work Very precise I love it but slows startup somehow...

  • Pretty basic. I was hoping for something more robust, like the commercial program Hypersnap. Doesn't do scrolling captures, doesn't allow for gluing captures together, doesn't allow for cutting out vertical or horizontal parts of a capture, etc.

  • Perfect api. Free and open, i give money because it s good work

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  • Yeah, great product – when it FAD. One of my laptops it works on, the other it does not, because I cannot access preferences. I can’t set my mouse’s right-click functionality, as I have it assigned alternatively. So, if you cannot “right-click” to bring up the menu options – you cannot say, take a picture of only a particular area or use ANY functionality (as I have no idea what the PF keys are set up as – I cannot view the list). So… I went to the bug reporting to open a ticket, and it would not let me – I had to create a account. OK….did that, returned to open a ticket, and still msg, “we don’t accept anonymous email due to spam fear, so sign it. Clicked the sign in link, to display page, “you are already signed in as”. What a FUBAR way to disallow people using your product to communicate that there are unreported issues, that you need an ALTERNATE means of displaying preferences, etc. Argh.

  • Great tool, highly recommended.

  • it's ok it could reduce the colors to anything you wanted instead of just of just 256 but it's ok

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