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  • Running the 15.4 alpha version on windows and finding it good. Would welcome the updated 16.1 version as an executable on windows. Also the MySQL interface would be nice. Overall a much better experience than I was expecting from an alpha.

  • Thanks for Grecipe-manager, it's good!

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  • Grecipe-manager works perfectly.

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  • Thanks for Grecipe-manager, it's excellent!

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  • Hands down the best and easiest to use recipe manager I've ever used. Easily installed on my Win 7 PC. I like the import/export capabilities, being able to upload a picture of the recipe and email recipes from within the app. Easy copy/paste from web sites and emails. Also import from some popular recipe sites. Generate shopping lists, nutritional information and more. Thank you for this app!

  • Good, but development should be continued.

  • I think it is one of the best. I want to use some other fuction.

  • This is an excellent tool.

  • Great tool; it's been very helpful for scripts and such over the years

  • Thanks!

  • Wow, thank you people.

  • Small, simple, fast, unpacks lots of things, easy and small install... I just love this program and use it for years now. Never had any problems with it. Highly recommended!

  • Free, very quick, easy to use and rock solid.

  • Great app.

  • I love this software!!!

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • Me encanto la aplicacion!!! seria posible hacer un port para android? asi podria llevar mis recetas en el cel tambien, o algo que lea archivos *.grmt

  • Amazing program, ingredients import in a bunch works nearly perfect, recipe cards are delicious!

  • A Very Easy to Use

  • Very nice program. Enjoy using it, works very well on Ubuntu, just a few minor errors, but they don't stop the program from being great.

  • Appreciate the mixture of flexibility and structure. Just enough structure to search on ingredients and the like, yet enough flexibility to make importing recipes not a nightmare. Now, about an Android version...

  • very good project

  • Awesome! By the way, I was able to install on Windows XP with no problem using

  • I very much like the input into this recipe manager, which doesn't rap my knuckles when I enter what I want for text. Previously, I had problems with the export feature and the limited print options, but the current version (0.15.4) seems to solve all of them. My top rated recipe manager, and I have used at least four on Windows and now linux. Bob Ackermann

  • The best recipe manager there is.

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