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  • I've been using GP for years. Not often, but when I need it it's very useful. I will gladly contribute a few dollars now that I realize it's possible here.

  • It works perfect for me, hope others too.

  • Works like a charm. So good, I registered an account to review it.

  • Excellent work, thanks!

  • Perfect, thank you!

  • LIFESAVER !!!! Thanks so much for this program. Really reveals large blocks where memory is being drained visually so you don't have to hunt. Does what it does perfectly.

  • Just great to save disk memory at a glance.

  • awesome!

  • Easy to use does what it should!

  • Wow, just what I've been looking for. I can see files' sizes, select them, open them, and delete them. Let's me focus on the real space hogs. I can also easily expand my selection and delete a folder hierarchy. Nice work!

  • This little app is fantastic! Downloads really quickly, scanned my drive and showed me exactly what was taking up all the space on my hard drive, and where it was located so I could find it. Recommended!

  • Thanks for Grandperspectiv, it's wonderful!

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  • It saves my time. highly recommended

  • Very helpful, since I seem to always be needing to make more room on my drive.

  • Given that a major Mac strength has always been the handling of graphical information, that ability is focussed to perfection in this superb application. It is worth *far more than the small donation I can afford. It saves time and reduces stress like you wouldn't believe. As your hard drive drops below 10% free space, and you start to freak, open GP and there they all are! Those HD-hogs. They can't hide from GP! Bless all you coders et al, who have been instrumental in building this work of art. Which it's results could pass as. <grin>

  • Does what it says on the label.

  • All you would expect - and more! The color scheme is helpful & inspiring in more than one way...

  • Great tool

  • works nicely

  • Great App ,Excellent

  • Wonderful product

  • wonderful work. Thanks.

  • nice graphic interface :)

  • grandperspectiv is fast and easy to use

  • very fresh idea and nice implementation, thanks!

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