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Gramps-PPC-4.0.4-1.dmg 2014-05-26 101.0 MB
gramps-4.0.4-1.fc20.noarch.rpm 2014-05-23 5.3 MB
gramps-common-4.0.4-1.fc20.noarch.rpm 2014-05-23 2.7 MB
gramps-webapp-4.0.4-1.fc20.noarch.rpm 2014-05-23 1.5 MB
gramps-webapp-4.0.4-1.gen19.noarch.rpm 2014-05-23 1.5 MB
gramps-common-4.0.4-1.gen19.noarch.rpm 2014-05-23 2.7 MB
gramps-4.0.4-1.gen19.noarch.rpm 2014-05-23 5.3 MB
python-gramps_4.0.4_all.deb 2014-05-23 9.6 MB
Gramps-Intel-4.0.4-2.dmg 2014-05-23 97.9 MB
readme.rst 2014-05-22 2.8 kB
gramps-4.0.4.tar.gz 2014-05-22 15.0 MB
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Version 4.0.4, the Not the comfy chair, has been released.

This is a maintenance release.

Changes since Gramps 4.0.3

  • Upgrade to db version 17 fails in Python 3 due to use of iteritems
  • Database corrupted - TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'
  • Fix bug in abandon changes and quit
  • Consistency on create_id method
  • Better handling for non-ASCII characters on database-path
  • Better support for ANSEL characters
  • 'Display as' field in Name Editor reverts to Preferences default
  • Fix vcard date converter
  • View does not communicate over proxy server with autorisation
  • Enhanced Bookmark support
  • Event gramplet filter does not have field for primary role,
  • New HasDayOfWeek filter rule
  • Error when leaving a Gramps type field blank in an editor
  • Fix creation of events with same Gramps-ID
  • Crash when opening details of a person
  • Fix spacing on dialogs for some recent linux distribution
  • date editor and Date class allow e.g. Hebrew dates with newyear (Mar25)
  • Fix crash in fan chart view when scrolling
  • Poor contrast mouse on mouse over
  • Drag and drop only one data into Editors tabs
  • NotRelated and Verify data dialogs appear either too small or too big
  • Unable to edit citations on association
  • Relationship calculator not displaying data
  • Enhancements and consitency on events gramplet, selector and view
  • Sometimes says 'no data exists for note' when saving
  • Enhanced Citation Editor
  • Do not always raise errors when some plugins are hidden
  • Remove hover selection from embedded lists
  • Fix update of active object after merge
  • Cleanup on warnings and messages around locale directory
  • Media Editor error if Path value was changed to a non existing file
  • Register history objects at startup
  • Avoid dumb encoding error when compiling gpr file
  • Work around Py2Cairo
  • Given Name Cloud Gramplet splits up given names into words
  • Users should not be allowed to edit and delete 'default' style into Style Editor
  • Filename Decoding Error in Graphical Reports
  • Missing closing bracket in Web_Basic-Spruce.css
  • Reorder tool: global name 'gen' is not defined
  • the scroll windows for patchname tools didn't expand
  • Fix start in East Asian language, force UTF-8 locale on Mac
  • Fix apple_collation
  • Spelling messages at random cause hang for a few seconds.
  • Media viewer list crashes during start if one try to select an entry where the media isn't available
  • 'Available Gramps Updates for Addons' window not on top
  • HTML View fails to load
  • Paper names and Styles values are now translated
  • Sort failure using glocale.sort_key
  • Improve support for collation variants
  • Translate some punctuation marks
  • Fix unit tests and python3 issues
  • Fix Relationships handler for Portuguese
  • Updated translations: ar, cs, de, fi, fr, he, it, lt, nb, nl, pl, pt_BR, ru, sv, uk
Source: readme.rst, updated 2014-05-22