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This is GraceGTK, forked from grace-5.1.22 and using the GTK+2 API Please, report bugs and problems to All the help to enhance the code and the Web site is welcomed, GraceGTK is on Windows binaries ================ Since 0.9.1, MS Windows binaries are compiled under VISTA (32bits) ( (but it seems always working under XP and later Windows versions). No installation procedure is provided and you have just to unzip the file in the place of your choice, go into the bin directory and run ggrace.exe Warning : the GUI size is configured to use a screen with at least 800x600 pixels. If yours is smaller you have to set GRACEGTK_GUI_SIZE environment variable to a convenient size (see doc/GraceGTK.pdf for more details) NEWS: ==== 2018.01.22 ========== gracegtk-1.0.0rc2 RC1 realease was buggy, RC2 try to correct these bugs but, have always some bugs: * management of handles has defects, click another time if it does not work * For recent GTK releases, color of buttons no longer works (works in older ones) * the bell does ring for recent Linux system (gdk_bell() fails) (see e.g. ) 2017.07.17 ----------- gracegtk-1.0.0rc1 * Some bugs removed (e.g. compile wo NetCDF or int in region limits) * Names rationalization continue (e.g. ssdata -> block_data) * Changes to remove deprecated functions in GTK+2.24 to prepare for GTK3 in progress but not yet operational. ----------- gracegtk-1.0.0rc0 A lot of changes "under the cover" (an attempt to rationalize names and others) induces this new numbering, More visible for user: * Add "Graph operations" menu: copy, move and swap. * Following QtGrace, add a "Regions master" window and add options in the "Preferences" window. * *.fig drag and drop action slightly changed. * Backspace key allow to kill the last point of a polyline when defining it with mouse (a Gimp behavior) In interpreter: * Add GUI title (x ,y) command to setup positioning of dialog boxes and override windows manager positioning. * Add "PACK GRAPHS" and "PACK Gn" commands to renumber graphs and sets. * Add DEFAULT CURSOR and DEFAULT FONT TOOL commands 2016.06.xx ----------- gracegtk-0.9.5 * Add drag and drop capability for *.agr, *.dat, *.fig and *.nc files * Add possible execution on selection of multiple sets + in TreeView for script in the Commands window, + in source/dest lists for the Non linear fit window. (see new Advanced/Scripting example.) * Add Fit page button and GUI size choice in Preference window Added to the interpreter * IF/ELSE commands * "settype" and "graphtype" variables, i.e. sets and graphs may now be accessed by a name without reference to an id number * ALIAS extended to new variables types * FORGET command for new variables types * commands to retrieve some parameters of a set * getenv() and strcmp() functions * Allows cascading opening of files (lifo stack) 2016.01.04 ----------- gracegtk-0.9.4 XYC type of sets * Add a new XYC type of set with mapping between the z column and the color of the points on the curve * For polylines: display coord. of points and add undo/redo * For ellipses: it is possible to rotate them around their centre and conversion into a polyline * For WINDOWS users: the print action now write a temporary PDF file and launch your default PDF viewer to preview and print with it. * Add printing of Resulting formula after a non linear fit. In interpreter: * Add string variables (see doc) * Add LIST_USER_VARIABLES command * Add "MAXP POINTS nexpr" command to change max drawing path * Begin/end interpreter mode no longer use numbering for graphs and sets. * Polylines may use Pnn, P$ and P_ syntax as graphs and sets * Among bugs corrected: add missing SYMBOL START command for saving/restore. * Add hints in developer's section. 2015.06.04 ----------- gracegtk-0.9.3 XYCVMAP * Add colored vector maps type of sets (XYCVMAP) * Add a menu Edit/Colors to edit colors in the color map. * Save color and font names rather than index number to increase portability. * Add a menu entry for mouse button 3: Explorer/Box/Use to use a rectangle to create a polyline * After ARRANGE(), legends are automatically placed at the NW of each graph to avoid confusion. * Added NIST non linear fitting examples * Added in Edit/Preference an option to print in the console window the name of the project file to be read. * Technical changes - legend and comment string changed to variable length - trying to debug color/main_color issue * BUGS: * Severe memory leaks may occur with large images. * With GTK+-2.24.10 warnings are issued and valgrind detects jumps for uninitialized data in the library * Running a program compiled into MS Vista with the last GTK+-2 version available for MinGW (GTK+-2.20) exhibit a lot of bugs that does not appears with GTK+-2.16. 2014.08.25 ----------- gracegtk-0.9.2 Hatching * Hatching with high resolution drivers (PDF, Postscript) gives poor results: CAIROpdf and CAIROeps drivers are enhanced to give better results. * Added an option to draw a pattern between to sets => revised examples/sampling => added the command: set1 FILL TO set2 2014.06.11 ----------- gracegtk-0.9.1 NetCDF, TARGET and VISTA * NetCDF files import is reestablished from grace-5 and enhanced * NetCDF export is added. * TARGET command is extended to data columns and 1D arrays. * XYCMAP may be now defined by giving only z column and defining the grid by two corners * A new vector product is introduced: v1 TP v2 produces a vector of length dim(v1) x dim(v2) * Windows binaries are now compiled under VISTA 2014.03.15 ----------- gracegtk-0.9.0 * Add flip and rot buttons in image menus * Import/ASCII_data/Sel.cols mode revisited * Add preview popup of dataset columns * Add "Show source" option in Menubar/Example menu to display the agr file in command window * Add a "Clear" button in command window * Add menu entries to create a set from block data * In the code GraceGTK sets are now named "gset" to remove the ambiguity with the verb "to set" => setutils.c is renamed gset.c, and many names of functions are changed. ----------- gracegtk-0.8.2 gracerc file is replaced by gracegtkrc Added GUI COLOR command to change color of menus and GUI SIZE to change the size of main window (to be used in gracegtkrc) * Add options to help reading of .csv files. * Import ASCII data option "Select cols" is now compatible with one column of strings * Added LaTeX fonts LMMathItalic10-Regular and LMMathItalic10-Bold that allows to have the \ell character. * Corrected bug on saving strings color * Added undo/redo to world zooming. * added direct setting of RGB bypassing the color map for some drivers * boxes may be rotated around their centre * Added SHIFT function for vectors * Added Z as synonym of Y1 2013.10.15 ----------- gracegtk-0.8.1 "LC_NUMERIC" Add an option to disable localisation in the "Preference" window and the command DEFAULT LOCALE on/off 2013.06.23 ----------- gracegtk-0.8.0 "Import xfig" * Added a popup to import files in the Xfig format (FORMAT 3.2) that induces some changes: + patterns and background colors may be set independently, + compounds can be rescaled + a edit button is added for compounds to choose with the mouse an element inside a compound, + the max layers depth is increased to 1099, + various fonts added, + a background box for string is now available (bugged for strings terminated by super/under/script or containing new lines: ) * Added menus entries linking mouse 3 button to create new sets. * Added All on/off and Toggle buttons for layers. * Bundled T1lib had been updated to t1lib-5.1.2 * Anti-aliasing of character strings takes into account the color of the box in the background. * removing memory leaks induces various changes. * On-line help menus are now working under MS Windows. 2013.03.24 ----------- gracegtk-0.7.2 * Image menu revisited and one version of LOAD IMAGE FILE interpreter command suppressed. * If the last significant character of a line in a .agr script is terminated by a backslash, the next line is concatenated in place of the backslash: this allows to write commands lying on several lines. * Suppressed calls to gtk_widget_hide_all(), a function deprecated in lasts versions of GTK2 2013.02.18 ----------- gracegtk-0.7.1 "Digitize a curve" * added popup Data/Digitize a curve * added Explorer/polyline/menu3/Use a polyline to create a set * added "Swap x and y" to "Data set operations" menu * added "Set as working dir" button in File/Open Project dialog * corrected "Show hidden" files in "Open Project" menu * corrected bug in "clear allvars" command that makes filter example crash in 0.7.0. 2013.01.16 ----------- gracegtk-0.7.0 "Butterworth and Chebyshev" * added "Data/Transformation/Filters via Fourier" menu with Butterworth and Chebyshev filters and the corresponding interpreter commands. * smoothed XYCMAP with bilinear interpolation * Command interpreter: added TRANSPOSE and other commands for 2-arrays added OVERLAY command to overlay graphs easily in scripts 2012.09.17 ----------- gracegtk-0.6.1 * Shortcuts are working (see user's guide) * automatic update of time stamp can be disabled * a lot of changes under the cover: libundo library is no longer needed for undo/redo (remember that undo/redo is only partial) legend boxes are now treated as other objects CAIRO drivers bug for image printing corrected ... => probably new bugs replace old removed ones. 2012.08.03 ==== ---------- gracegtk-0.6.0 "insert images" * Added insertion of images (JPEG, PNG,...) * Added "By hand" option for non linear fit * Added 4 frame types for graph (Half open down,.. None) 2012.06.13 ---------- gracegtk-0.5.2 * Added command "set POINT x,y,n" to insert at index "n" a point in set. * Added to Data/Transformation/Sample points... menu new options to select all minimas, maximas or extremas in y for a curve and the corresponding SAMPLE commands. * Added in time formats ending with minutes and second the ability to suppress them by using negative precision (-1 and -2) 2012.05.31 ---------- gracegtk-0.5.1 "Follow me into Data/Transformation" * Extend Follow-me mode to Data menu entries, * Automatic scrolling into Console and Commands windows to the end of input, * Locator label: add to the a Mouse3 link to "Locator preferences" window, * Fourier transform: correct a bug in backward transform, revisit the popup, add a new example. * Add grace_np/testf90_np.f90 In command interpreter: * the extension of Follow-me mode implies - Change of the XYSPLINE command, - Addition of several commands connected to the follow-me mode. ---------- gracegtk-0.5.0 "LOESS non linear fit" * Added 1D LOESS curve fitting * Tried to enhance Fortran compiler detection using AC_FC_WRAPPERS autoconf macro * Added two utility commands: OPEN RESULTS FILE sexpr CLOSE RESULTS FILE acting as the -results option of command line 2012.01.08 ---------- gracegtk-0.4.5 Mainly a maintenance version. * The precision parameter is now used for axis date format to give the number of digits displayed as fractional part of seconds. * Changes to avoid warnings produced by recent versions of the gcc compiler [-Wunused-but-set-variable] * Cleaning of the code. * Corrected bugs + in CUPS support + relative to GSL configuration * Remaining BUG: CAIRO drivers seems to work with Debian-5 or 6, Ubuntu 10.04 and Fedora 10, but does not display strings with Ubuntu-11.10 Any help about that bug is welcomed. 2011.10.11 ---------- gracegtk-0.4.4 Mainly a maintenance version. * Mouse button 3 in spin button used to set x1, y1, x2 and y2 in object right pane window fires a menu to set min ,max, step and value of the entry will be scanned by the command interpreter. ---------- gracegtk-0.4.3 "Mouse button 3" * Mouse button 3 in TreeView allows to create/break/prune directly compounds * Mouse button 3 in some right pane menu entries fires the Font tool popup. * Menubar/Plot entries now open TreeView instead of old grace-5 menus * The "special" tab in the Explorer/Set pane has been revised * and as usual, some bugs are corrected... 2011.08.13 ---------- gracegtk-0.4.2 "CUPS" * Added CUPS support. * Known standard page sizes are extended to ISO 216 A0 to A9 and B0 to B9 * Mouse Button3 menus are revisited. * Bugs corrected: rescaling compounds, rescaling in another graph... 2011.07.14 --------- gracegtk-0.4.1 "Wavelets" * Added one dimension wavelet transforms * Experimental differential "Savs as..." option to avoid printing parameters identical to hard coded templates * And some bugs corrections... ---------- gracegtk-0.4.0 "X-splines" and "Polylines" The successor of gracegtk-0.3.4 * The "Line" type is extended to "Polyline" that can be interpolated into a smooth curve. * New X-spline (borrowed to xfig) interpolation is introduced in 3 places: + in Data/Transformation/Interpolate to create new sets, + in Explorer/Set/Line tab to connect points + in Explorer/Polyline to smooth polylines. Bugs corrections: * in Data/Transformations/Interpolation splines when trying to use the abscissas from another set. * Added a if to have always the Colorbar of xycmap sets oriented upward with increasing values of z. * Bug introduced by instant_update when changing obj (arc,..) attachment to gno and coord. type * When rescaling object in compound with world loctyp * Lack of UTF-8 <-> Latin-1 conversion for labels in treeview. INSTALLATION ============ A more detailed account is given in doc/GraceGTK.pdf (or if the file does not exist in doc/GraceGTK.tex) Prerequisites: -------------- A working GTK+-2 install rev >= 2.12 Contour level curves need a FORTRAN compiler: gfortran is just fine. The compiler is detected by configure through the environment variables FC and F77 e.g. if gfortran is the name of the compiler: export FC=gfortran export F77=gfortran To compile from the present directory: ---------- ./configure make The name of executable produced is ggrace. Before runing ggrace: export GRACEGTK_HOME=<the_present_directory> or make install export GRACEGTK_HOME=<the_install_directory> The default installation directory is /usr/local/gracegtk To have a better localization of bugs: ./configure --enable-debug Windows XP and Vista -------------------- To compile, you must have MinGW, MSYS and GTK+ installed. The grace_np directory will not be compiled under MS Windows. You can have to hack autotools files to get a working configure. The configure script works if run in a MSYS command windows. No testing has been done with the CygWin environment. It is a good idea to read the doc by directly opening the files in the doc directory with you favorite viewer. IF IT DOES NOT WORK ------------------- Soft-link or copy ac-tools/ in the present directory, then run "autoconf" to regenerate the configure file. Tip: if you have problems with GTK configuration, try the command pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0 that can inform you about what is going wrong. Remark: Suse SLE server 11 (64 bits) has not a working GTK 64 bits library CUSTOMIZATION ============= If the default size of the main window does not fill your needs, use the GRACEGTK_GUI_SIZE environment variable. A finest control of dialog sizes can be obtained by changing the values in the line static gint popup_width = 450 .... at the beginning of several gg*.c files Remember that GTK inherits from the current theme, but the windows sizes in GraceGTK are given in pixels. COMPATIBILITY with Grace-5 (Motif) ================================== Some features of the Motif version are not yet implemented Others such as monochrome or low resolution are for those who live in the past: Motif is for them and I have no intention of programing these options. The Window/Point_explorer menu is replaced by the Explorer/Set/Main menu and the toolbar buttons with xfig icons. The Window/Drawing menu is replaced by the menus in Explorer right pane. NEW FEATURES ============ The best way to know about them is to try the examples in Menubar/Examples/GraceGTK menu and read the doc/GraceGTK.pdf file Import ASCII data selecting columns in the data file ---------------------------------------------------- This new option use a formatting string "Sel:" characterizing each column by one letter surrounded by one (or more) blank with the following meaning: x is for the abscissa column y is for a new set y coordinates - is to ignore this column To ignore the last columns, just erase the corresponding last "y" The uniread function try to find in the first 10 lines a line with only numbers and this line is used as the first data line. It is possible to give a legend name to each column if the preceding line begin with an exclamation mark (!) See src/ file for an example. ========== KNOWN BUGS ========== The -pipe test is not working as expected with Linux i.e. intermediate curves are not displayed and only the last one becomes visible. Nevertheless, the grace_np library seems to work correctly. Piping is completely disabled under MSWindows. To fill polygons, GDK_EVEN_ODD_RULE is not woking as expected, so I force: setfillrule (FILLRULE_WINDING) If scale is not isometric (PAGE_FIXED), the circles objects in world coordinates can be ellipses because they are circles in viewport coordinates only. The numbers displayed in the justification menu for strings is not the number needed by commands in .agr scripts The JPEG driver does not display grids in polar plots correctly: it seems that this bug is already present in grace-5.1.22. For graphs with bar chart type, y offset (if stacked) or x offset (if not) is not taken into account by mouse tracker to find and move points. Many features does not work for pie graphs and are not disabled. The "KNOWN BUGS" list is very incomplete. Not implemented: ---------------- * the contextual help => replaced by tooltips * the netCDF interface ;;; Local Variables: *** ;;; mode: auto-fill *** ;;; mode: flyspell *** ;;; ispell-local-dictionary: "english" *** ;;; End: ***
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