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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Download the code from sourceforge into a directory of your choice. This will be referred to as your root directory. 2. The following list of files need to be downloaded. Obtain them from the gqgmc folder. Alternatively, all files can be obtained at once by downloading the zip file, Makefile gqgmc.hh plotter.hh 51-gqgmc.rules 3. Create the following subdirectories of your root directory: bin libs obj For example, "mkdir bin", "mkdir libs", "mkdir obj". 4. Edit and change the definition of BASE to the path of your root directory. If you will be compiling for 32-bit Linux, change the definition of CPUSIZE from "-m64" to "-m32" in 5. From the command line, you should be able to build the 'gqgmc_gui' and 'gqgmc' executables which if the build is successful will be put into bin subdirectory. Try "make all" as the build command. 6a. Copy the 51-gqgmc.rules file to the /etc/udev/rules.d directory and force the reload of udev rules: sudo cp ./51-gqgmc.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/51-gqgmc.rules sudo udevadm control --reload-rules Alternatively, restart your computer. Disconnect the GQ GMC-300 from the computer and then reconnect. Verify that there exists a /dev/gqgmc in the /dev directory with read/write permission for all users. ls -la /dev/gqgmc The 51-gqgmc.rules file is written for the GMC-300. Newer GMC models may use a different USB chip which changes the vendor id and product id used in the 51-gqgmc.rules file. Read the instructions in the 51-gqgmc.rules file for changing the vendor id and product id to match your GMC model. 6b. With the GQ geiger counter connected to your PC via USB and turned on, start either bin/gqgmc or bin/gqgmc_gui from a console command line. The USB device name must be supplied from the command line, e.g., bin/gqgmc /dev/gqgmc bin/gqgmc_gui /dev/gqgmc logfile The code expects the GQ GMC USB device name to be /dev/gqgmc. This device name was created at step 6a. For the GUI application only, the 2nd argument passed is the name of the file to which data is to be logged. The 2nd argument can be left blank which then turns off logging data to a file. 7. The following is a list of prerequisites for successful compilation: a. Ubuntu Linux 11.10, 12.04, 14.04, or 16.04 b. GNU g++ 4.8.x or more recent compiler installed c. Required only for GUI application, Qt4 Software Development Kit (SDK) installed or Qt Creator installed
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