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  • The software I like best are user friendly at once. I hate to search for explanations on what I do wrong to make functions working. After downloading a gpx file and adding a Googlemap I tried for 10 minutes to use some buttons to select a track and cut it in sections, to which no reaction came. Garmin Basecamp might be a nightmare to use, but at least it works. I encourage the author to improve the product to a level that is user friendly right away at first use. Sorry , I don't like this editor for now.

  • Perfect for what I want, which is to do minor edits to tracks, usually to trim off the bit in the car after a bike ride when I forgot to stop recording!

  • Hi Visit the blog "Zona OpenGTS" (www) Thanks !!!

  • I've been using Ver 1.3 for a few years. It is not buggy for what I use, but has some inconvenient things I'd like to see fixed. This 1.6 version does not work correctly--it does not remove elevation from a track in a file that contains multiple tracks. I have not tried it using a file with a single track. Ver 1.3 required me to check the box for Preserve KML NameSpace every time I started GPX Editor. IMHO it should be checked as default. Why would anyone want to NOT preserve it? The other thing in 1.3 I'd like to see fixed---when you open a file with multiple tracks and you remove elevation (and perhaps other items), click Apply then OK. That track is done. I click the next track, click the segment, go to remove the elevation--but the box is disabled. I must save the file, exit GPS Editor and then repeat all the steps again until I have edited all the segments. Other than that--it works for me

  • I used an older version a couple of years ago. A bit buggy but did the job, however just tried loading it to my new Win10 PC and Norton Internet Security decided the executable was dangerous and deleted it. Any relevant info/experience anyone?

  • It's almost perfect, but since I would like to use it as a GPX file CREATOR it's just not really there yet. I'm only able to manipulate already existing GPX files. If I want to create a file from scratch I have to use Notepad. Please make it possible to start from scratch.

  • Great, simple and fast editor.

  • Version 1.6 fixes issue with Google map, or any other map, not displaying when selecting the Google Maps tab. Made the application almost unusable. Found that disabling video drivers got it to work. With the 1.6 version, I can use with normal drivers. Glad to see update and now can rate it as 5 stars again! Thanks!

  • Works as intended. Thanks for developing this tool. Please let me know if you have a flattr account.

  • I understand this is privateer written and free.... so appreciate the effort. But after 10 mins got fed up with buggy behaviours, and after reading other reviews uninstalled, sorry.

  • Design and functionality are good, easy to learn. I had initial difficulty creating a file compatible with, but it works with Options|Settings|"Preserve XML Namespaces".

  • Great editor!

  • I have two GPS's and wanted to merge the gpx files so I have the same waypoints on both. GPX editor did this easily.

  • gpxeditor, great editor!

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  • Thanks for Gpxeditor, it's perfect!

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  • gpxeditor is really must have.

  • I love this software!!!

  • Best software available.

  • Really nice project! Thanks for your job!

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  • Works nicely! Gracias!

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  • I use this to remove my Elevation data and had a problem opening the saved file in BaseCamp. Support from the developers' forum at telling me to check an option fixed the problem. a very nice program, and even better support :)

  • Real good! The best for free! Nice work, well done )

  • Great software, thank you.

  • It's pretty easy to use and does *almost* everything that I want it to. The one thing I would like is to be able to edit in the Google Maps view. Not sure why all the editing tools are greyed out in Google Maps view. Pretty awesome program. Thanks for all your work.

  • well done

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