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  • This is about Gparted Live distro. The creators of Gparted have some grudge against wireless. There is no wpasupplicant, and it cannot be obtained by apt-get with the default server in Taiwan. There are no wireless options in Network Manager, no other wifi software provided. This is ridiculous in 2018! Are there some obscure laws in Taiwan against providing wifi software? I suppose it's easy enough to retrieve from some other Debian server, but if you are a beginner panicking about messed up partitions, the last thing you want to worry about is manually installing wireless network software. Truthfully, I would rate gparted itself five stars. I've certainly been tempted to give at least a token donation. But I am so frustrated about this issue which continues into 2018. There are enough five star ratings so that my rating is but a tiny blip. I just want to draw attention to this bizarre state of affairs.

  • Gparted very useful disk partition tools have been of use more times than are countable.

  • very good, it works marvelously

  • was able to move (towards left side free space) 2 partition swap and linux partition (move left + extend) on my dual boot lubunutu/windows easily with no problems at all, even though many sites telling that might not work. so happy.

  • Followed the instruction on the website : Used unetbutin to put this on a usb. Booted from usb. Was able to move partition to other side of empty partition without issue. thanks

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  • This is a well-known software. Nothing to add on this.

  • Extremely useful, I use it every time I reinstall my system

  • I have yet to use this for the following reason: I downloaded the Live CD and it would not boot. This is caused by the fact that the ISO I downloaded was set up for EFI booting and not bios booting. It would save time and resources if the developers would add either MBR or EFI_GPT to the end of the file name so that users know which Live CD ISO will work on their equipment. EFI_GPT will not boot on a BIOS MBR system so don't say that it will. All one need to is do a web search "computer won't boot with 4T usb drive connected" and you will see the issue. It turns out that BIOS systems that look for the MBR, and do not know anything about GPT drives, will crash when a GPT drive that does not have an MBR connected. Two systems I have wont' go past the "enter setup boot menu" screen. In fact, with a GPT drive connected to the USB port, once the computer reaches the aforementioned screen, it will not respond to any key command, not even the ole CTRL+ALT+DEL reboot sequence. Take care.

  • 1) Free 2) Simple and easy to use GUI. 3) Can partition Linux and Windows OSes Here is what I needed done and GParted did without issue. I had Windows 2000 server HDD with 12gb (OS) and 400gb(data) partitions.I wanted to resize the OS partition to 50gb by taking 48 from data partition. I was able to do it in few easy steps. I would highly recommend GParted.

  • I had to increase a Windows 7 64-bit VirtualBox VM C: drive partition from 128GB to 256 GB. GParted was fast and worked out of the box.

  • Good 👍

  • Good partitioning tool. I prefer it under Linux.

  • Great tool !

  • The BEST tool for partitioning, resizing, moving, and dealing with partitions of ALL kind.

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  • Absolutely the best partitioning tool on the planet! So easy to use and versatile.

  • A must-have tool that will save your day whenever you need to manage disk partitions. It does one thing, and it does it very, very well. Professional quality software, highly recommended.

  • great helper

  • Hard to find any fault. Gets better with every update. It's a 'Must Have' for your toolkit.

  • I have been using GParted intermittently for many years, and would wholeheartedly recommend it to most people. However, 0.22.0-2 in either i486 or i583 versions will not boot on my Dell Latitude D630. I'm going back to an older one!

  • Not exactly a Linux newbie, but maybe Linux dilettante. Can't point out a problem, even so.

  • Handy

  • Good :) Thanks.

  • Thank you for GParted, you saved my ass over at Gigarank

  • tnx

  • GParted, una herramienta para particionar, redimensionar y formatear Discos duros, de excelente calidad, puedo afirmar y sin equibovocarme que compite fuertemente entre herramientas comerciales que buscan este mismo objetivo, totalmente recomendad. (Solo hace falta pulir un poco la parte grafica para que quede esteticamente mas bonito)

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