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  • very good, it works marvelously

  • was able to move (towards left side free space) 2 partition swap and linux partition (move left + extend) on my dual boot lubunutu/windows easily with no problems at all, even though many sites telling that might not work. so happy.

  • Followed the instruction on the website : Used unetbutin to put this on a usb. Booted from usb. Was able to move partition to other side of empty partition without issue. thanks

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  • This is a well-known software. Nothing to add on this.

  • Extremely useful, I use it every time I reinstall my system

  • 1) Free 2) Simple and easy to use GUI. 3) Can partition Linux and Windows OSes Here is what I needed done and GParted did without issue. I had Windows 2000 server HDD with 12gb (OS) and 400gb(data) partitions.I wanted to resize the OS partition to 50gb by taking 48 from data partition. I was able to do it in few easy steps. I would highly recommend GParted.

  • I had to increase a Windows 7 64-bit VirtualBox VM C: drive partition from 128GB to 256 GB. GParted was fast and worked out of the box.

  • Good 👍

  • Great tool !

  • The BEST tool for partitioning, resizing, moving, and dealing with partitions of ALL kind.

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  • Absolutely the best partitioning tool on the planet! So easy to use and versatile.

  • A must-have tool that will save your day whenever you need to manage disk partitions. It does one thing, and it does it very, very well. Professional quality software, highly recommended.

  • great helper

  • Hard to find any fault. Gets better with every update. It's a 'Must Have' for your toolkit.

  • Not exactly a Linux newbie, but maybe Linux dilettante. Can't point out a problem, even so.

  • Handy

  • Good :) Thanks.

  • tnx

  • The best of the best of the best. Nuff said.

  • I use this very often (like always) for Hard Drive copying. I find using GParted easier then CloneZilla or other HDD cloning software. To clone a HDD with GParted, select the primary partition then right click and choose copy. Now go to the upper right and select your destination HDD, move down and right click select paste. Click the check mark and done.

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  • When you need to invoke the full low level control of Debian to configure Secondary on most any other environment GParted is not only the best, sometimes it's the only solution.

  • Absolutely the best. It is so simple, so quick, so easy to use. By far the best out there, especially for newbies! I wish everything else was made as simple as this program! Wow, they should SELL this as it is better than anything you can buy!

  • Very good Software.

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  • Gparted is good! Thanks.

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  • Gparted is perfect! Thanks.

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