GParted 0.28.0 (2017-02-14) ============================ Release Notes ------------- This release adds partial read-write support for LUKS encrypted file systems. GParted can't create, open or close LUKS encryption volumes; however it can copy, resize and manipulate file systems inside open LUKS volumes and move closed LUKS volumes. (Resizing requires Linux kernel >= 3.6 and libparted >= 3.2 for online partition resizing). Also included are bug fixes and language translation updates. REMINDER: You are strongly advised to backup you data before editing partitions as a failure can lead to data loss. This is especially true for encrypted data where all of the data can become permanently inaccessible after a failure. Please refer to the Cryptsetup FAQ [1] for backup and recovery advice of encrypted data. [1]: ### Key changes include: * Implement LUKS read-write actions NOT requiring a passphrase * Add detection of iso9660 file system Bug Fixes --------- * Implement LUKS read-write actions NOT requiring a passphrase (#774818) * Fix mount column shown for non-mounted encrypted file systems (#775475) * Refactor mostly applying of operations (#775932) * Update help with additional partition flags (#776002) * Include sys/sysmacros.h for major and minor macros (#776173) * Add detection of iso9660 file system (#771244) Code Credits ------------ Code enhancements are courtesy of Michał Górny, Mike Fleetwood and Curtis Gedak. Translations (new/updated) -------------------------- cs(Marek Černocký), da(Alan Mortensen), de(Bernd Homuth, Mario Blättermann), es(Daniel Mustieles), fr(Alexandre Franke, Julien Hardelin), id(Andika Triwidada), kk(Baurzhan Muftakhidinov), lt(Aurimas Černius), pl(Piotr Drąg), pt_BR(Rafael Fontenelle), sk(Dušan Kazik), sl(Matej Urbančič), sr(Мирослав Николић), sr@latin(Miroslav Nikolić), sv(Josef Andersson), vi(Trần Ngọc Quân) Dependencies (new/updated) -------------------------- * cryptsetup command is required to work with LUKS encrypted volumes. Checksums --------- ### MD5SUM: e3cd972e5e7b14c1d72acd5b09fab3c9 gparted-0.28.0.tar.gz ### SHA1SUM: cebcf10f4c1ff816db8fd18b8415b189c7f32c1f gparted-0.28.0.tar.gz