GParted 0.22.0 (2015-03-23) ============================ Release Notes ------------- The big news with this release of GParted is support for unpartitioned whole disk drives. With unpartitioned drive support, GParted can now recognize and also format disk devices that do not contain a partition table. Another new feature is support for GPT partition names. This feature enables setting and viewing names on GPT partitions. Also included are bug fixes and language translation updates. ### Key changes include: * Add read and write support for unpartitioned whole disk devices * Add read and write support for GPT partition names Bug Fixes --------- * Add support for GPT partition names (#741424) - Fix double quote error creating XFS file systems (#744108) * Make swap usage match figures reported by swapon -s (#742647) * Correct dialog title displaying libparted exceptions (#743825) * GParted cannot recognise LVM signature on unpartitioned drive (#741430) * Nilfs2 file system is unusable on RHEL/CentOS 6 (#742741) * Add unpartitioned drive read-write support (#743181) * If available use udisks2-inhibit to prevent automounting (#745349) Code Credits ------------ Code enhancements are courtesy of Mike Fleetwood, Michael Zimmermann, Phillip Susi, and Curtis Gedak. Translations (new/updated) -------------------------- bs(Samir Ribic), cs(Marek Černocký), de(Wolfgang Stöggl), el(Maria Mavridou, Γιάννης Κουτσούκος), es(Daniel Mustieles), fr(Alexandre Franke), hu(Balázs Úr), is(Sveinn í Felli), it(Marco Ciampa, Milo Casagrande), kk(Baurzhan Muftakhidinov), lt(Aurimas Černius), nl(Hannie Dumoleyn), pl(Piotr Drąg), pt_BR(Enrico Nicoletto), ru(Stas Solovey), sk(Dušan Kazik), sv(Josef Andersson), tr(Muhammet Kara), uk(Daniel Korostil), zh_TW(Cheng-Chia Tseng) Dependencies (new/updated) -------------------------- * no change. Checksums --------- ### MD5SUM: 67c4bdf680461e1107b718aff6095ea6 gparted-0.22.0.tar.bz2 ### SHA1SUM: d1785e3edbcb7309f44ddb78cf6e5f1e999ad0e5 gparted-0.22.0.tar.bz2