GParted 0.20.0 (2014-10-20) ============================ Release Notes ------------- This release of GParted improves resizing multi-device btrfs file systems. Also included are language translation updates. ### Key changes include: * Include devid when resizing multi-device btrfs file systems * Add GRUB 2 restoration steps to help manual Bug Fixes --------- * Fix devid needed when resizing multi-device btrfs file systems (#723842) * Fix warnings and missing label with btrfs-progs 3.12 and 3.14 (#733601) * Fix ./configure is successful even when C++ compiler is missing (#732803) * Add GRUB 2 restoration steps to help manual (#734376) * Cleanup autoconf and related files (#734718) - All fat16 and fat32 moves performed by GParted internal algorithm * Autodetect parted online partition resizing capability (#734076) - Tidy up autoconf check for --disable-doc and --enable-libparted-dmraid * Prevent automake warning about deprecated INCLUDES (#735742) * Reduce display flashing when refreshing devices (#696149) Code Credits ------------ Code enhancements are courtesy of Mike Fleetwood and Curtis Gedak. Translations (new/updated) -------------------------- cs(Marek Černocký), es(Daniel Mustieles), de(Wolfgang Stöggl), fr(Claude Paroz), gd(GunChleoc), hu(Balázs Úr), id(Andika Triwidada), it(Milo Casagrande), nl(Hannie Dumoleyn), pl(Piotr Drąg), pt(Tiago S, Duarte Loreto), pt_BR(Enrico Nicoletto), sk(Dušan Kazik), sr(Мирослав Николић), sr@latin(Miroslav Nikolić), sv(Josef Andersson) Dependencies (new/updated) -------------------------- * no change. Checksums --------- ### MD5SUM: d9df57f9d4b4dbd148644774f8bbccfb gparted-0.20.0.tar.bz2 ### SHA1SUM: 3fd65e2fdc9dc8e42cab74daca8184da37fbaf35 gparted-0.20.0.tar.bz2