GParted 0.19.1 (2014-07-15) ============================ Release Notes ------------- This release of GParted includes a critical bug fix for a potential crash. The crash is rare, but if the crash happens while applying operations then data loss might occur. Also included are language translation updates. ### Key changes include: * Prevent crash caused by cross thread write after free in _OnReadable() Bug Fixes --------- * Prevent cross thread write after free in _OnReadable() (#731752) Code Credits ------------ Code enhancements are courtesy of Mike Fleetwood. Translations (new/updated) -------------------------- ar(Safa Alfulaij, Abderrahim Kitouni), de(Wolfgang Stöggl), el(MarMav, Tom Tryfonidis), es(Daniel Mustieles), it(Milo Casagrande), pt_BR(Rafael Ferreira), ro(Daniel Șerbănescu), uk(Daniel Korostil) Dependencies (new/updated) -------------------------- * no change. Checksums --------- ### MD5SUM: 9aff8cef2c46e5ca4adaab43588c9e64 gparted-0.19.1.tar.bz2 ### SHA1SUM: 13c6ade0f0c85823bf8012e0c67d906301eaf99b gparted-0.19.1.tar.bz2