GNOME Partition Editor for creating, reorganizing, and deleting disk partitions. It uses libparted from the parted project to detect and manipulate partition tables. Optional file system tools permit managing file systems not included in libparted.


  • Create partition tables (e.g., MSDOS, GPT)
  • Create, delete, copy, resize, move, check, set new UUID, or label partitions
  • Manipulate btrfs, ext2/3/4, f2fs, FAT16/32, hfs/hfs+, linux-swap, luks, lvm2 pv, nilfs2, NTFS, reiserfs/4, udf, ufs, and xfs file systems
  • Enable and disable partition flags (e.g., boot, hidden)
  • Align partitions to mebibyte (MiB) or cylinder boundaries
  • Attempt data rescue from lost partitions
  • Supports hardware RAID, motherboard BIOS RAID, Linux software RAID
  • Supports all sector sizes (e.g., 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 byte sectors)

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User Reviews

  • This is about Gparted Live distro. The creators of Gparted have some grudge against wireless. There is no wpasupplicant, and it cannot be obtained by apt-get with the default server in Taiwan. There are no wireless options in Network Manager, no other wifi software provided. This is ridiculous in 2018! Are there some obscure laws in Taiwan against providing wifi software? I suppose it's easy enough to retrieve from some other Debian server, but if you are a beginner panicking about messed up partitions, the last thing you want to worry about is manually installing wireless network software. Truthfully, I would rate gparted itself five stars. I've certainly been tempted to give at least a token donation. But I am so frustrated about this issue which continues into 2018. There are enough five star ratings so that my rating is but a tiny blip. I just want to draw attention to this bizarre state of affairs.

  • Hello, I use the newest live version of GParted, because I want to partition usb sticks. With elder sticks it functions, but a newer stick “Kingston DataTraveler G3 USB Device” makes problems. Both "GParted" and the utility "parted" of the Debian Linux of the live version writes the following error message: Assertion (head.size <=63) at …./libparted/labels/dos.c 602 probe_partition_for_geom() failed So I believe, that the version of "parted" on the "Linux debian 3.2.0-2-486" (uname -a) of the live version is to old. "GParted" seems to be innocent ! Best Regards Marc

  • Oddly slow and weak in features.

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