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  • Simple, easy to use and a whole lot better than manually exporting data from Google into Outlook.

  • This worked great for me! Thank you for making this.

  • will Go contact sync Mod work with windows 10? thank you

  • I have been using this software for a long time but nowadays this software become a problem because 1. I can not create multiple accounts any more 2. When i have downloaded 3.2.10 found it is keep on crashing during load only so i cant use it any-more 3. The GSM feature is of no use earlier the way you use to dot the authentication was really good and it was working fine 100% I would request to have this answered to me ASAP because it is not worth to loose it appreciated your prompt reply by email

  • I use it everyday, it works really well and the team is very responsible. Thank you for this beautiful project!

  • I recently purchased a new Windows 8 computer. This program worked great on my old Windows XP machine with Outlook 2010. Now I am trying to use it for Outlook 2013 and I am getting an error when I try to sync from Outlook if more than one person has the same email address but are listed under different names. It tells me there are duplicates that I must delete and the sync fails. Is there anyway to get around this besides deleting the duplicate email addresses? Thank you all for your dedication in creating this software. I would just love for this annoying bug to be fixed.

  • Gocontactsync works good.

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  • gocontactsync, easy to use

  • good job gocontactsync

  • Go Contact Sync worked great. Needed solution to get photos from google contacts to outlook. Export and import csv file would not do the photo. This little app works great. Used the mod version...

  • Un grand merci pour ce super projet ! :) Ca marche impeccable chez moi. (Outlook 2007 - sous xp). ~ 600 contacts, synchronisés avec tous ces détails en 5'. Quelques "catégories de contacts" ne sont pas passées mais ça doit être une erreur de ma part. Pourriez-vous nous parler un petit peu de vos projets ainsi que de vos principes de sécurité de données des utilisateurs. Cordialement Ömür

  • We have setup a Fork to fix most of the Bugs and Works with or without proxy, Version 3.2.1 available:

  • very good project

  • If failed to sync because of a strange numerical error.

  • The project has a very good approach, but the project was not maintained for a long period and there are quite a few bugs that prevent from clean synchronization. For that reason we've set up a fork of the project and fixed the mayor bugs updated the whole software a little bit: Go to

  • We (cybdis & I) created an updated fork of this project, available at =) It fixes many bugs, and comes with a redesigned interface and pretty icons. Check it out!

  • Patched Version of GO Contact Sync There is an Out Of Index Error with the last version of GO Contact Sync. I slightly modified the source to fix the out of index problem. I had it when outlook contacts have been empty before first run. The problem with the empty name and email fields still remain, but I managed to handle the error. For these contacts it might be that you get \"empty\" contact records in outlook. So have a look after the first sync. I asked for joining the project in order to improve the software, because I desperately need it. But no answer from the head of project right now. So please feel free to test the patched version. Download it here:

  • It's working for me. I can import 500+ contacts, from nokia >> outlook 2010 and outlook to gmail contacts and gmail >> my galaxy s. Thank you!

  • It doesn't work, only error " Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection." in Sync Detail

  • Can't get it to work. Just crashes with an .NET-error.

  • PHân men rất hay ok

  • great tool for Android users (I have 2.0 Droid). Sync worked fine, tool is stable, and it flagged dupe Google Contacts. I would like an option to force an overwrite, but now that I know it works, I can delete all Google Contacts and start from scratch.