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  • I have been using Quicken for 20 years, but I have always been dissatisfied. Quicken is limited, and they never seem to make progress quickly enough. It seems like they are always working against the user. So I have been following Gnucash for many years, waiting for a time when it might be an acceptable alternative. Unfortunately, Gnucash is not even close to being mature software yet. The documentation is excellent. Very rare to see excellent documentation in a free-software project. However, the software itself (under Windows 8) does not work at all. The stable version 2.4.13 will not even open. I am sitting and looking at the start-up screen now on my computer, which has frozen at the splash screen. Version 2.5.5 (unstable) lives up to its name. Although it gets past the splash screen, it crashes when attempting to save a transaction into PostgreSQL. So, I will continue to monitor this project. Maybe in another 10 years...

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  • This is a awesome project that still has potential. Keep it up!

  • Looks good. Will test it with my wallet!

  • Thanks for Gnucash, it's wonderful!

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  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • Excellent program.Very easy and simple to use.

  • I moved to GnuCash from the no-longer-supported Quicken and am very happy with the software. Robust and full-featured. High quality and reliable. Update, 2013-01-07. Ten months using GnuCash and still very much liking it. Currently on 2.4.14 and staying on that for a while yet, resisting the urge to move to the recent 2.6.0 release... I'll give it a month or so to bed-in and make the jump with 2.6.1 or .2.

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • good for financial management

  • Very Helpful and good service! Thank you.

  • Very usefull app. I'm using it for over 4 month now. There could be more options of mortgage. Also mobile app should be able to connect to MySQL database. But still great piece of software.

  • awesome this system

  • I loved it. Great works and no problems.

  • I've just installed can't wait to try - so excited, thank you - it's a long time i thought to build in something like that in my system :)

  • It is just perfect!

  • Exec summary: I upgraded both a GnuCash major version and operating system (Windows to Linux) at the same time, and GnuCash worked flawlessly. Respect, GnuCash! Don't try this at home, but if it happens to you, like it did to me, GnuCash will show its quality. Longer version: I have used GnuCash (2.3) on Windows XP for a couple of accounting years now, for a family business. Its support for GST (Australia/NZ's version of VAT) is modest. But I persevered... Recently, part way through closing a year end, I decided to upgrade my computer from Windows XP to Linux Mint. That's a great upgrade- I wish I did it ages ago. Linux Mint is far more usable than any Windows since XP. Hardware just works, performance is great. Anyway, I decided to slim down Windows but leave a bootable Windows as insurance, so I could complete the year-end safely and keep a couple of other apps I wanted to take my time in converting across. Yes of course I backed up. Something I did, Windows didn't like. I still don't know what. Anyway, my carefully-preserved Windows doesn't boot any more. it gets partway through then croaks. So I restored my GnuCash data- backed up on 32-bit Windows, restored to 64-bit Linux. Installed the latest (2.4) GnuCash, Linux version; fired it up and opened my part-done year end data. Instant success. No ifs, buts or gotchas (so far). This is among the easiest migrations I have performed- and that includes migrations where I kept the same application version and just upgraded Windows versions. I work in IT, and it's the best accidental upgrade I have had- ever! The other couple of apps I kept Windows around for- don't care now. Windows is gone. I can still get to the data files on the old Windows partition and in every case, I know what Linux app I will use and how it will use the data files. The worst case was Dragon Naturally Speaking, which now works well in Linux under VirtualBox. GnuCash team, thank you very much! Keep up the outstanding work.

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