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  • I Really assume this program the best app I ever used! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • I Really assume this app the perfect software I ever used! => check this webiste for Free keys :

  • Best plugin for working with uC in Eclipse. The support provided by the developer, Liviu Ionescu (ilg), is exceptionally good. I don't think that commercial applications come even close of what Liviu has obtained here.

  • Truly invaluable tool for embedded development with Eclipse! Thank you for your hard work.

  • This fantastic plugin ties together a bunch of great open source tools for bare metal programming of ARM chips. The very good documentation makes installation pretty straightforward. Eclipse, the compiler, the debugger and the other bits and pieces together provide an amazing amount of development environment functionality that rivals expensive commercial development systems.

  • Impressive project - using it for an internal competence project at my company now. Looking forward to more board support soon!

  • Installed GNU ARM toolchain and Eclipse plug-in with no problems in about 20 minutes. Test program built, loaded and executed correctly on first attempt (using armstrap board). Can't ask for anything better than that.

  • An indispensable tool for any embedded developer

  • Excellent tool with useful features !

  • This is the best! Amazing! Thank you very very much. <3

  • For the first time I can develop and debug embedded ARM projects on my MAC - well done!

  • Excellent tool with very professional support

  • Nice tool for ARM development and very good support

  • All ARM firmware developers under Linux host should try this awesome plugin!

  • This is an awesome plugin, it make it so easy to develope Cortex M microcontroller even on different host OS! Special thank to Liviu Ionescu and all people involved in the development.

  • This plugin for eclipse is the best I've tried. Now I can develop portable software in the same place for both windows and cortex-m4 with debugging support. The best feature is the pack-manager and the peripheral register view in debug mode.

  • this tool makes my life easier to deal with STM32 series. It also has other cortex M and A. Awework. thx

  • The best one Eclipse plugin for embedded systems programming. It is possible to get great simply configurable open source IDE based on Eclipse.

  • The plug-in that the chip makers should have done!

  • So much easier than it used to be. Look forward to being able to edit section placement from within eclipse.

  • Great professional plugin for developing for STM32F microcontrollers and debugging with STLink and OpenOCD.

  • Very Good.

  • This is a great addition to our traditional open-source toolchain. Thank you!

  • Just installed the plugin and J-Link worked out of the box on my Mac... nothing ever works the first time! I'm stoked to finally have a real development environment on my Mac! Thanks for this great plug-in.

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  • Works great! Project for embedded system can be set up very easy. A lot of configuration options. 100% debug support. It's the tool I was looking for.

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