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GNS3 WorkBench 8.6 Linux Appliance Installation Instructions Addendum ======== * The username/password required for the Vyatta routers is vyatta/vyatta123 * The VM is set up for 2 processors and 8GB RAM and support for VT-x/EPT turned on. If you can't spare 2 processors or 8GB RAM for the VM, or your host doesn't support VT-x/EPT, you should change these settings (Settings | Processors & Memory) Download Instructions ===================== There are 24 files you need to download: LinuxMint15Cinnamon.vmx LinuxMint15Cinnamon.vmxf Virtual Disk-s001.vmdk.zip ~ Virtual Disk-s022.vmdk.zip Virtual Disk.vmdk ********************************************************************* * Note: If you have trouble downloading Virtual-Disk-s016.vmdk.zip, * * download the two smaller files Virtual-Disk-s016.vmdk.split.zip * * and Virtual-Disk-s016.vmdk.split.z01 instead. * ********************************************************************* Download ALL the files into a single directory where you keep your VMware virtual machines (VMware is a prerequisite - see below). You may wish to check the MD5 hash of your downloaded files to see that the hashes match the numbers shown at the end of this page. If any file fails the test, download it again. Decompress all the zip files into that same direcory so that all files sit side-by-side in the same folder/directory If all files are present, double-clicking the LinuxMint15Cinnamon.vmx file should open the GNS3 WorkBench appliance. Prerequisites: ============== Before you can even begin to get GNS3 WorkBench (Linux Appliance) installed you will need two elements: 1. A copy of a VMware hypervisor in which you run this VM image. 2. Images for a Cisco IOS routers, ASA and Juniper routers. If you don't have a copy of a Cisco IOS, you will still be able to use GNS3 WorkBench, but you will be restricted to the ONE routing lab that you could run using a Vyetta image - which you can then use as a model to create more labs of your own. But ideally, before you start you will have copies of: c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T10.bin [to run Cisco routers - this is the only image you need for MOST labs and exercises] c3640-ik9o3s-mz.124-25a.bin [to run GNS3 Vault exercises] c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.150-1.M.bin [to run some GNS3 Vault exercises] asa842-k8.bin [to run Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances] jinstall-9.6R1.13-domestic-signed.tgz [to run Juniper Junos] You will also need to have a VMware Hypervisor. I have VMware Fusion v5.0, but the steps will be similar for other versions. Task 1 - Install VMware Player/Fusion/Workstation... ---------------------------------------------------- Use the VMware supplied instructions to get started Task 2 - Download this Appliance --------------------------------- Either download the GNS3WB86.vmwaervm.zip file or ALL the files in the "SmallerFiles" Folder. Save the files in the place where you normally store VMs. Typically: Windows Users\<username>\Documents\Virtual Machines\ Macintosh OS X ~/Documents/Virtual Machines/ ...and decompress them so that all files exist in one folder Task 3: First run... -------------------- From that folder, open the .vmx file (double click - or open from VMWare) When asked "Did you move this virtual machine...", answer "I copied it" When the VM opens - maximise the VM to the full screen (you may have to maximise/shrink/maximise to get it to work) Your VM will open a page headed "CONGRATULATIONS: You have GNS3 WorkBench running but.." This page will take you through the steps to get GNS3 working. A summary of these steps are shown in the following task. Task 4 - Prepare Linux image with OS files ------------------------------------------- Make sure you have the firmware images that will make GNS3 WorkBench run - in other words you need the following files copied to your VM: * At least one IOS image. Ideally, this will be c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T10.image in the /home/user/GNS3/Images directory. * If you intend to run the GNS3 Vault exercises, make sure you also have copies of c3640-ik9o3s-mz.124-25a.image and c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.150-1.M.image in the /home/user/GNS3/Images directory. * If you intend to run ASA labs, make sure you also have a copy of asa842-k8.bin in the /home/user/GNS3/Images/ASA directory. * If you intend to run Juniper Junos, make sure you have a Junos image. This install has been tested with jinstall-9.6R1.13-domestic-signed.tgz. Make sure you have this file or another Juniper Junos image in the same format. o This image needs to be placed in the /home/user/GNS3/Images/Junos directory. Walkthrough of Task 4 ..................... To download the Cisco IOS images, do a Google search for the image name - such as c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T10.bin. You should see a link to the Cisco website where you can download the image (provided you have a valid maintenance contract for a Cisco c3725). Once downloaded, move the image to /home/user/GNS3/Images. Next decompress the image, giving it a .image extension. The commands to do this are: cd /home/user/GNS3/Images unzip -p c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T10.bin > c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T10.image Similarly, download and decompress c3640-ik9o3s-mz.124-25a.bin and c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.150-1.M.bin to c3640-ik9o3s-mz.124-25a.image and c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.150-1.M.image. The ASA image MUST NOT be decompressed. Find asa842-k8.bin and move it to the /home/user/GNS3/Images/ASA directory, then run the "repack" script found there from a command line. A Google search for jinstall-9.6R1.13-domestic-signed.tgz may not give you a link to the Juniper website where you can download the image. Instead, you may have to visit http://www.juniper.net/support/downloads/junos.html - but you may find that you'll have to get a later version than 9.6R1.13 - which may or may not work. Once you have downloaded jinstall-9.6R1.13-domestic-signed.tgz, move it to the /home/user/GNS3/Images/Junos directory. In that directory you will find a base Qemu VM (freebsd-4.11) and a "junos-auto-fix-checkpic.sh" script that will need to run from a command line to prepare your image ready for use. Enjoy RedNectar MD5s MD5 (LinuxMint15Cinnamon.vmsd) = d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e MD5 (LinuxMint15Cinnamon.vmx) = 1e6b643b695191521eff6cb5aeb2600a MD5 (LinuxMint15Cinnamon.vmxf) = b910971f70a825f8af1785e36e255280 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s001.vmdk.zip) = c66b186accd5f3dc27bb2a4e39668edc MD5 (Virtual Disk-s002.vmdk.zip) = 8a477132976554bfd903d2c123e85ff6 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s003.vmdk.zip) = 44bbbf644ed0fa887c78d8b7b8bca15f MD5 (Virtual Disk-s004.vmdk.zip) = 873567eee79deea1bc07f88750f9c48b MD5 (Virtual Disk-s005.vmdk.zip) = 02a0cc7185192ae32fe71ce3c4446853 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s006.vmdk.zip) = 0a2ab102bf610e540e4a67aca80265e4 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s007.vmdk.zip) = 92a4845e927a20b9c53608ffbf1dbcf7 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s008.vmdk.zip) = 69e23e7057709aa24deebe52d89a7496 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s009.vmdk.zip) = febb4e106f420bf5b2ac8f16e9172318 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s010.vmdk.zip) = ac43b1e446c5a184ea7874cd696ec692 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s011.vmdk.zip) = cfaa383b26c600194a2dd021d7a0a933 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s012.vmdk.zip) = 74f06e3387b24a93e17afc611b2fdeff MD5 (Virtual Disk-s013.vmdk.zip) = c6ef72c8f1ebac7f81f6c49c2c0f6823 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s014.vmdk.zip) = 3a84f8c3ee57605d446834dda9399215 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s015.vmdk.zip) = 527a7dfc0fd169c1ba50efde746f4caa MD5 (Virtual Disk-s016.vmdk.zip) = 790e87d0dabb28e5d9db302e397039da MD5 (Virtual Disk-s017.vmdk.zip) = 0cc7b82090d1a5392ff691c98f39cb48 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s018.vmdk.zip) = 835b336a21e83abbfb62b347e9c2d6b3 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s019.vmdk.zip) = a7c0f094260f74403b1e5f21f90cc1a0 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s020.vmdk.zip) = d7afdcbdce1f71265611851a3fe59e3b MD5 (Virtual Disk-s021.vmdk.zip) = af54883d0ceef9a4304f328fd572ad8d MD5 (Virtual Disk-s022.vmdk.zip) = 0ec8218f281af61dc4d85a45de2ab628 MD5 (Virtual Disk.vmdk) = 9e14909d179c9134da3c06ae5d9aebe2 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s016.vmdk.split.z01) = a2f608fb4be62c9b81a3ad6e1f0d1ea0 MD5 (Virtual Disk-s016.vmdk.split.zip) = 086464b99f73dbc9e44c5142ce5909c0
Source: readme appliance-SmallFiles.txt, updated 2014-04-07

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