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  • Two of the commentaries are especially useful, namely Quoting Passages and TSK.

  • Firstly I had to turn antivirus of as it saw Xiphos as malicious. Secondly I did not manage to get as far as reading the bible. My language (finnish) was not found through online scan. The program did not recognize the downloaded zip file. Finally I decided to settle for an english bible but still the program stated that I chose not to install any bibles. Usability of this program makes me wanna cry.

  • I have also used E-sword, and it is an excellent option for reading the Word of God as well, but one thing hindering me from using it more often, was the displaying of Greek [Koine] letters and their sizes. Upon installing Greek bibles and tools in Xiphos, I was more pleased at its way of being able to read those.

  • I am running Linux as a dual port on my Win 7 netbook. This Bible software is a snap to install and add modules to. My only problem is that the left side of the Xiphos window is cut off - I can't read the left panel content. Anyone know how to address this?

  • If ONLY the bible, dictionary and commentary windows were tabbed so you can just click the tab to switch between bibles, dictionaries, commentaries I WOULD BE FREE FROM RUNNING WINE FOREVER! Right now I have to suffer through e-Sword and The Word in WINE. So close!!! Hate to give a thumbs down for this but it really slows things down when you have to use the "everything" tree.

  • Very useful.

  • This is good software when it works. 3.1.4 is broken on debian arm and no one responds in irc and there is no forum or email help. If you are lucky enough to have it working on your machine it's a great program. Please fix 3.1.4 on debian arm.

  • Thank you great software.

  • This is an amazing piece of good quality software. The fact that it is open-source and free just adds to it's charm. Its SWORD engine makes it compatible with hundreds of resources in the SWORD format, making it suitable for both personal use and Theological study. The only down side is its poor support for multi-pane multi-text viewing, a must for Theologians.

  • It is so useful.. Thank you devs!

  • Xiphos is a very fast and lightweight UI for the GnomeSword modules. Of all the GnomeSword UI's Xiphos is definitely the best!

  • My best Bible software...!

  • This app is really helpful in understanding God's word. I like especially per verse annotations.

  • This has been my favorite Bible software for the last three or four years. With a couple exceptions it behaves exactly like I would want it to if I had written it. The developers have done a great job.

  • the best truly free bible software you'll find. ... let me be clear: i am project admin of xiphos, so of course i give it 5 stars. ... you'll notice that there are about 20 reviews here. these consist of 2 types: 5-star and 1-star. the 5-stars outnumber the 1-stars by a ratio of 4-to-1, with nothing in between. this should tell you something, especially considering that one of the 1-stars is a hebrew screed by a jew condemning all christians, and another is someone who gave a 1-star because xiphos lacks *a single feature* he wants while ignoring everything else xiphos does, thus a completely unrealistic evaluation. what this tells us is that real users uniformly find xiphos excellent. please keep this in mind as you try xiphos. ... also, please note that the complaint from sbrogden1 about window cut-off was addressed 2 years ago, and if you run a current v4 xiphos, you will not see such problems.